Williamsport, Here We Come!

Could the Red Sox beat the Far East team? Could they even hold up against Danny Almonte and the next set of 12 year-olds competing for the Little League World Series? Two questions that are ripe in my mind, as I watch these buffoons try to field.

Say good night, Terry. Start brushing up on your signs and your windmills, as third base coach looks like it might be all you are qualified for. You and your undisciplined band of idiots have no chance this year, the way you guys play.


EDIT: The comeback is on. Is Harry Wendelstedt an idiot or what? A warning to both benches after a 3-2 splitter gets away from Contreras? Come on…

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  • What a difference a half inning makes! Ease up!

    YF July 25, 2004, 9:32 pm