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Willie & Mel

It’s going to take some time for us to get used to the idea of Willie Randolph, a longtime YF favorite, in a Mets cap, but we nevertheless wish him well—not that well, mind you—in his new role. If things pan out for him in Queens—instead of Cleveland or Phoenix or Toronto—we figure his long wait will have been well worth it.

We also lament the departure of Mel Stottlemyre, Joe’s gimlet-eyed consigliere and erstwhile Yankee hero. Neil Allen has some awfully big spikes to fill, and steps into a potentially lethal political trap (what with Yankee pitching “guru” Billy Connors hanging with George down in Tampa).

Will there be further departures? We sure hope Donnie sticks around. Will Girardi return to the dugout? What would that do to the line of succession? Much to ponder.

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