Worst Signing Ever?

Four years and $32 million for….Orlando Cabrera? Maybe he’ll put Anaheim over the top (Eckstein is not a major league shortstop), but even still that seems ridiculously high.

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  • Mo Vaughn, anyone?

    SF December 21, 2004, 7:20 am
  • hey, the yanks need to pick up eckstein -what a great addition to that team -and the ny media will ove the guy

    Jackdog December 21, 2004, 5:12 pm
  • The Sox should pick him up as a replacement for Nelson the mascot.

    YF December 21, 2004, 5:19 pm
  • Okay, it looks like Eckstein is a major league shortstop—for the Cardinals, at $10.25 million for three years. Maybe we were too critical. But let’s just say 20 million extra for Cabrera is nuts.

    YF December 23, 2004, 11:24 pm

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