Yankees FTW!

Reports indicate that the Yankees have signed out machine outfielder Randy Winn. As the great Jay Jaffe notes on his Twitter stream, Winn's splits against lefties (158/184/200) are the worst in the history of the Retrosheet Era. Great! Also, he'll be 36 and he had a .318 obp with 2 hr last year. But he's nice? We can only hope. 

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blech. I’m going to miss Damon. I’m curious about what he was asking for from the Yanks.
I suppose the thinking is that Winn replaces Melky, Granderson replaces Damon and Johnson replaces Hideki. It’s sort of like running in place, but the fielding is stronger, the contracts are cheaper, and the hitting might be the same. Then again, the hitting might not be. When I look at it from this angle, I think Cashman has been pretty clever. Still, I’m going to miss Damon.

Me too, Nick. I think I’d rather have Damon as DH than The Stick, but the novelty of having Nick Johnson back in pinstripes is very compelling to me. Still, imagine the outfield when Granderson or Swisher get a blow. Gardner and Winn/Hoffman/whomever in the same lineup? Combine that with Cervelli playing more games than we’d like to imagine? Well, I guess every team would love to have that be their biggest offensive problem. Still, the Yankees are one shy of that mythical circular lineup.

Winn cost the Yankees $2 million per, one year. Damon would have cost the Yankees $13 million per (according to Cashman, according to Boras) 2 years. Even if that number is off, he wasn’t coming back to the Yankees at a bargain price even if he eventually does in fact take a bargain type contract in the end anyway. Johnny Damon gave the Yankees more than I could have ever expected when he first signed here. He was consistent, played a good deal of the time through injuries and by all accounts was a good teammate. Problem is for the type of money he wanted, combined with his age and lack of defense, he’s just not a value anymore. Sure it would be nice to add 20-25 HR’s to an already stacked lineup, but at what cost? The Yankees have freed themselves of just about every bad contract they had/have minus Kei Igawa, this was the right move (not signing Damon) in my mind.
I would have rather had Reed Johnson, he mashes LHP, but I am not upset over a 9th hitter and platoon OF’r. Especially at $2M, the same price the Mets are playing Alex Cora, it’s a steal. Winn can still play solid defense and run a little. 2009 was a bad season for Winn, but prior to that he was certainly a serviceable player. The Yankees now have 3 OF’s for one spot (Gardner, Winn and Hoffman. All of whom play very good defense) if that rotation isn’t working there’s always the trade market. Other than Bay and Holliday, there were no slam dunk (and Bay isn’t even a slam dunk) LF’s available. Reed Johnson, Baldelli, Thames, etc…They are low investment guys, all have their blemishes.

That’s the one thing I can’t figure out, John, what the hell the Mets are doing. These types of players, good defensive undervalued guys, are exactly what the Mets need. But they go after Fernando Tatis instead, and likely for much more money. Is Omar Minaya simply one of the worst GMs in the game? Or are the Mets such a toxic brand now that not even Randy Winn wants a job there? That wouldn’t speak too highly of Omar either, although in that situation the ownership group doesn’t come out smelling like roses. One thing’s for sure, Omar needs to go. And I’m not sure any team would want him after he’s gone.

Yeah Andrew I hate to harp, but Minaya is terrible when it comes to assessing monetary value/worth of a player. Beyond Castillo, Cora, Oliver Perez, there are so many more examples. Minaya’s strength seems to be assessing value in trade, but when it comes to FA’s he always seems to miss the mark. I like Alex Cora, I’d take him on the Yankees in a heartbeat, but what does that man do that’s worth $2M? Meanwhile they are going to open the season with Fernando Nieve as their #5 SP and Little Sarge and Angel Pagan as their CF platoon. Not to mention they have no 1Bman. Tatis/Murphy is just a terrible option. Then you take into consideration that they will miss out AGAIN on O-Dog because of bad contracts. Oh yeah they also have no catcher…But the kicker is they will once again spend roughly $150M on their payroll. How do you have that many holes and uncertainties and still spend that amount of cash? It’s really mind blowing.

Neyer linked the PECOTA and CAIRO projected standings today. Wow, almost a 10 win difference for the Yankees projected record (PECOTA: 93-69, third in AL East; CAIRO: 102-60, first in AL East). Interestingly, the Rays are first in PECOTA’s. CAIRO’s projects the Yankees to give up the fourth fewest runs in MLB while scoring (by a wide margin) the most.

Looks like PECOTA’s been updated. Those initial rankings made no sense. Now it has Boston and NY in a dead heat in the AL East…at 93 wins. Oh well. It was only the least accurate system in 2008.

93? Not saying it isn’t possible, but it seems to me that the Yankees and Red Sox have both separated themselves further from the rest of the AL. Think of any other AL team that has obviously improved themselves. The Mariners and Orioles are all that come to mind. The Angels lost a lot in Figgins, Lackey, and basically replaced Guerrero with Matsui (who they expect to play the field). I’m expecting nothing short of dominance from the Yankees and the Sox.

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