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Yankees Injury Update – Backs Not In The Saddle

Pineda, Michael – Right anterior labral tear (wait, did you say ANTERIOR? AS IN REAR OR IN THE BACK?)
Cervelli, Francisco – broken hand (bad backstop, but when he went out he was hitting better than Russell Martin)
Nunez, Eduardo – ribs (bad back)
Pettitte, Andy – Tight left trapezius muscle in upper back (bad back)
Hafner, Travis – shoulder (bad back)
Jeter, Derek – cankles
Chamberlain, Joba – oblique (oblique means no right angle whatever way you look at it)
Nova, Ivan – upper back soreness (bad back)
Rodriguez, Alex – Hip surgery (no not that one, they already fixed that one.. ) okay, right hip surgery (bad back pocket contract. Don’t carry your fat-ass wallet in your back pocket when you sit)
Stewart, Chris – (groined, but only leftly, not rightly)
Teixeira, Mark – bad wrist (he’s ambidextrous and rich so don’t cry for him, it’s called a stranger)
Youkilis, Kevin – bad back.. really, this time. Lumbar. Those suck. Hurts, and it lingers so, all the way down in your scrotocracy.
Cabral, Cesar – Broken left elbow (for LHP this might be a concern)
Fans, Paying: broken spirits, tax revenues, wallets, coffers…

2 replies on “Yankees Injury Update – Backs Not In The Saddle”

And still leading the division. Mind-boggling!

If y’all end up distantly in third in the division, I’ll feel empathy for you (Sox ’06, etc.), but I just figure several of the ones on the DL will come back ready to make an impact, and it’s gone well without them.

Pretty ridiculous…both the injuries and being in first.

Long season though. Just hang on boys for another month and then we get an entire playoff/championship caliber team back from the DL…besides ARod. Fuck him.


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