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Look at all these rumors, running me everydayDid you hear that one about Cashman?  Some say he's much too loose (with money of course!) 

Anyway, that's my shot at humor for the day.  On a serious note, I wanted to touch base on a few Yankees rumors that are swirling or have swirled over the past few days and get your thoughts.  While I certainly hate how cold it is here in New Jersey, this time of year becomes tolerable simply because of all the rumors and baseball chatter.   

  • According to Mike over at RAB, the Yankees are trying to set up a private workout with Aroldis Chapman.  Not sure if the thought has changed, but most scouts see this as a long term move, not a solution for the opening day rotation or maybe even 2010.   
  • According to MLB Trade Rumors, George King and Jayson Stark, the Yankees are interested in bringing Nick Johnson back to New York.  Johnson would fit in nicely in this Yankees lineup, but the main concerns here are his health and the lack of position flexibility he provides the Yankees roster.  The popular school of thought here is that if Johnson is brought in it will signal the end of the Johnny Damon era in New York. 
  • Then there's the Ben Sheets rumor from a few days ago.  I know I am hoping this one is true, but that could be due to the huge man crush  I have had on this guy for years.  

In addition, the Yankees are also being linked to Kelvim Escobar, Matt Capps and Joel Pineiro.  Use this thread as your place to talk about all the Yankees rumors you've heard and even the ones you'd like to hear.     

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As much as I like Nick Johnson, I worry about his dipping power numbers and, of course, his injury history. I do prefer the idea of a primary DH to a rotating one, so this is encouraging. One thing that’s curious to me is that these reports suggest that if the Yanks get Johnson then they’re probably not bringing back Damon. If true (let’s face it, it’s probably a negotiating ploy), then is the idea that they mainly envision Damon as a DH? If that’s the case, then the numbers we have been hearing connected to him are too costly.

i like nick johnson too, but worry about him for the same reasons…this could be a planted rumor designed to make damon think about it…like john says, johnson would clog things up a bit…the rotating dh is designed to give our older guys a break when they need it, and i’m not sure he’s a better option than those guys at dh…
“…the Yankees are trying to set up a private workout with Aroldis Chapman….”
i like this development…
hopefully the sheets rumor is true…unless there’s a better alternative out there, we clearly need another starter…

Here’s my issue Nick…Do the Yankees think too much of Melky? I am fine with him as the LF as long as he’s splitting time with someone. So that could be Gardner or that kid they got in the Bruney trade from Washington. He’s not a full time player in my mind.
Also, you hate to think a year ahead, but Carl Crawford is a FA next season. I’d take him over Johnson and Damon anyday, so if you do sign both are you basically waving any chance at signing him next season? I hate not having an everyday LF, but if you told me we could have CC next season if we endured a season of Melky/Gardner/? in LF, I’d live with that.

DC, I know the Braves are supposed to be shopping SP’s so maybe Vazquez or Lowe would be available. Then there’s last year’s deadline “Beauties” like Arroyo, Harang, etc…I don’t know what Sheets wants, but I’d be willing to give him a contract loaded with incentives and a base of 10 million per. He’s had a full year to recover, it’s the same injury that Pettitte had and he came back much sooner with no significant issues. I just feel like he’s the most talented guy out there right now, so if you are going to be wrong, let’s be wrong with a HR guy not Joel Pineiro or Jason Marquis.

i agree…you made me wince a little when you mentioned vazquez…but to be fair, i looked back at what he did for us…since we won’t be asking him to be a #1 this time, or even #2, #3 for that matter, he might be a good alternative…an upgrade over chad gaudin… ;)

We HAVE to get Crawford next year…that’s why I think grab another starter and reliever and let’s do this thing. Melky and Garnder are fine in the OF, coupled with Granderson our defense is pretty solid. Hell, I say throw Swishalicious at the DH spot, keep him out of the defensive equation all together!

Ok, I’m going to say it and risk the wrath of krueg. I would much prefer the Yanks to sign Holliday this year than Carl Crawford next offseason. Holliday is better and both deals are likely to be similar. In fact, I think Crawford will be more expensive.

I agree with the CC thing Krueg. He’s another favorite of mine.
As for Melky and GGBG, I am fine with a platoon in LF, but that’s only IF they can sign a legit DH and SP. If the Yankees can add strength at the DH then what they lose in LF may not be felt as much.
Side note, that kid Hoffman was named by BA the best OF defender in the Yankees Minor League system. He’s a lifetime 285/.357/.402 in the minors, maybe he can be the 5th OF’r. This team could always use DEFENSE.

Here’s another one to think about…Buster Olney said that Mark DeRosa’s asking price is falling. He said it’s roughly $18 over 3 seasons. DeRosa seems to be injury prone, but he does play multiple positions and he’s basically a better version of Jerry Hairston. He can provide insurance in LF and RF, as well as 3B, 2B and 1B. I don’t know if he’d fit roster wise because then one of Gardner or Hoffman would have to go so that you can carry a reserve SS, but it’s at least intriguing. He’s the kind of guy who unlike Johnson gives you flexibility at multiple positions. I am fairly certain he and NJ are the same age as well. He’s also a New Jersey kid, so I am a little biased, Bergen Catholic’s finest, well other than Brian Cushing of the Texans.

I don’t like Nick Johnson. The guy is garbage…am I missing something?
Damon, thanks but have a nice time finding the money you want.
Holliday is a solid player but I prefer Crawford. I like his range and speed obviously, and have loved the guy since he came up with the Devil Pukes. I saw alot of him those 7 years and always pictured him in pinstripes.
In closing, grab a starter(Sheets) and a reliever, maybe a bat (Thome???) and let’s get it going!!!!!
AGod ;)
Thome :o
Hip Hip
#28, back-to-back, DYNASTY REBORN!!!! :)

John, I like DeRosa as a super utility type, especially if the Yanks are going to do a rotating DH thing. In order for that to work, they need depth and a capable back up that is not a black hole in the line-up. So if the price is right, I say go for it.

“I don’t like Nick Johnson. The guy is garbage…am I missing something?”
He can hit and basically gets on base (when he plays) 40% of the time.”
So you and the other YF’s around here are down with NJ being the DH? I don’t know, it doesn’t feel right to me. The guy is always hurt and has bounced around his whole career. I don’t trust him.

I think it’s just conversation K, I don’t know how I truly feel about NJ being the DH. I guess it would have to weighed against what the other options truly are…Like are the Yankees laying low and going to make a push for Holliday or does signing NJ mean we don’t get a left fielder? I like NJ, he’s a good 2 hitter, he’s the perfect fit for the lineup but my biggest concern is that he plays 1B and only 1B. That’s why gun to my head, right now I MIGHT prefer DeRosa because as we have seen, keeping an entire team healthy for 162 games in impossible.
I do like your idea of Thome, he’s old, but he can still hit and Cashman has said any type of DH only move can wait. Is he a FA I haven’t even looked?

I was going to ask you about Thome??? I think he is???
You guys know more about baseball than I do, that’s why I was saying if you say so…not trying to be argumentative. I save that for SF, Paul and B-rad! ;)

NJ would be a pretty solid solution at DH for the Yankees, I would think. He can probably be had for shorter money than Damon, and not playing the field might actually help him stay healthy (or is this actually a silly assumption on my part, I wonder if this thought is conventional wisdom at it’s worst?).
More runners on base for the Yankees can only help that offense.

I would prefer to have Damon back, even though he is atrocious in LF, but if he doesn’t why not sign Thome to a one year deal? Let him DH most of the time, he can sit when AGod, Captain Clutch, Hip Hip or Tex need a rest…

Excluding Damon for the moment, isn’t NJ simply a superior choice at DH over Thome? It doesn’t even seem close. The injury factor is certainly worth considering, but Thome played in 124 games last year while Johnson played in 133. And Thome is 39.

After Granderson, I can deal with any of Damon, Thome, or Nick the Stick. What’s needed is a left-handed hitter who gets on-base. They all fit.

Honestly, I would be even more pissed than I am now if the Yanks signed NJ for Matsui money. Bah. Ya, I’m a huge Matsui fan. Also would’ve made more sense given the ad Matsui was a constant to bring in..
I was disappointed when I heard Matsui signing with the Angels. I was pissed when it was for chump change. I’m going to be furious if NJ is the “replacement”, eschewing the whole roster flexibility that they were spewing..

Nick Johnson just doesn’t do it for me…if the guy was good, he would have stuck somewhere, no?
I was so on the fence about Godzilla Lar, I don’t feel THAT bad that he’s gone but I kinda do??? It’s a bag of mixed emotions with that guy.
I just think we could use a bigger bat since Godzilla and Damon(?) seem to be gone…Thome is a grizzled veteran, been through the wars and could hit 50 HR’s to RF!!!

Ya, I didn’t expect the Yanks to sign Matsui, and it’s reasonable, if he was asking Damon money. 6 mil for one year. Seems hard to imagine a deal better than that. Especially if the Yanks passed up Matsui to sign NJ.

I agree with SF. Stick is injury-prone, yes, but at least he doesn’t have two chronically awful knees. Would it surprise anyone to see Matsui’s year go down the drain to due him not having any knees left? Had had to have them drained FOUR TIMES this year. How long is he going to keep that up?
Johnson’s been around forever, but he’s still only 31, and can actually play a position if necessary.

They paid less for equivalent offense but with the occasional opportunity to have Nick play the field. Hard to argue with that.
Goldman also nicely points out that what Matsui expected the Yankees to pay is not the same as what the market would bear. Damon is showing the same logic. An insult from your employer is an opportunity from someone else.
Mmmm, Casey Kotchman….

So, two days worth of bullshit projections over if John Lackey is a good singing, but a mere “Hard to argue with that” kind of logic applied here.
You crack me up. What about the home parks? What about the positions? What about all the other shit you like to talk about? What about most recent history? Who started well last year (finishing doesn’t matter). Who is a better clubhouse guy?
Granted “Nick the Stick” (really?) is a great pickup for New York, but where is all the analysis to back this up? If we can muster up pages of stats to show how awesome Curtis Granderson is, we surely can figure out how “Nick the Stick” is better than Matsui overall.
Just a “hard to argue”?

How is $5.5 million for one year a controversial signing? And home parks? Johnson is a left-handed hitter. Any lefty will benefit from NYS.
I guess there wasn’t much discussion because common sense prevailed, Brad.
The only argument is why didn’t they sign Matsui for $1 million more? I can see both sides, but an argument in support of the deal is that the Yankees were much warier of Matsui’s knees than they were about Johnson’s various ailments. Plus, Johnson’s 5 years younger.

i hear you brad…for the record, again…i liked the lackey signing for you guys…i think it gave you an edge in starting pitching, whether some projection model tells me so or not…having said that, your own mods have been realistic about him…paul’s post said he “liked”, not “loved” the acquisition…i wanted my team to make more of an effort to get him, because like i’ve been saying all along, i’m not convinced that hughes or chamberlain can be effective starters…i guess we’ll have to go with a guy like sheets if he’ll have us…as for johnson, nobody here has been looking at him with pinstriped glasses…he is what he is… good defense, on base a lot…biggest knock on him is that he doesn’t play enough games…i can live with that…i think we can make it work with an obvious role player, at role player salary and year[s]…any talk about johnson being in the 2 hole at dh full time is bs, unless he gives them a good reason to leave him there, like doing what he did last year in the NL… i just think some of this talk is, as i’ve suggested, blowing smoke at damon that he should reconsider his demands…then again, not coincidentally, johnson, IF healthy, and can repeat his ’09, would be an ok replacement for damon in the 2 hole, slower and with less power, but a lot cheaper…

I also think one of the factors that came in to play was replacing Damon in the batting order. I know it sounds out there, but Nick Johnson is the perfect #2 batter, especially in this lineup and that’s what the Yankees needed knowing Damon was most likely not returning. In addition to Johnson being younger and actually being able to play a position, even if it’s one that is already filled. Last season NJ’s OBP was 59 points higher than Matsui. He was also better than Matsui in just about every offensive category other than HR’s (Walks, singles, doubles, triples, etc…) In addition, NJ also hits LHP better than RHP, pretty impressive for a lefty. He also hit 23 HR’s in Washington BEFORE they moved to National’s Park and played in that spacious football stadium. I am not sure what numbers you were looking for Brad, but that’s all I’ve got on the fly.

Add this to the list of rumors:
“If Johnson passes physical,NYY will move on to next targets — definitely a starting pitcher, and quite possibly Mark DeRosa, if $ are right” -Buster Olney
Mark DeRosa AND Nick Johnson for roughly 11 million would be HUGE. I spoke about DeRosa yesterday and all the flexibility he brings, I would love that move.
Granderson, Johnson, DeRosa and Sheets…That would be ideal, at least in my world.

Brad, this just seems like common sense, not really deserving of much deconstruction. Not to say that the Lackey crap-fest by a number of YFs was appropriate, particularly in light of the fact that Lackey is a proven top(ish)-of-the-rotation guy, but in this case the move makes sense. Johnson gets on base. The Yankees don’t need power, but Johnson is sure to benefit from YS. Johnson is familiar with NY. He is cheaper than either Damon or Matsui, and he’ll DH. What’s to pick apart?
As John said, the only avenue of criticism is whether Cashman could have or should have inked Matsui as comparable dollars, but we have no idea what the dynamic was with Matsui and his agent. And Damon is clearly asking for a lot more money. Johnson might be a health risk, but so were the alternatives, so that’s a wash in my book. Very smart, common sensical move by the Yankees here.

I wonder if Matsui was pushing to play the OF? I know it seems like the Yankees just turned Matsui away, but what if he WANTED to play a little LF, but the Yankees said nope. Was that part of his contract demands? I am reaching and also thinking out loud, just curious what others think.
I also think the fact that in his last healthy season prior to 2009 he hit 23 HR’s was also a factor. That’s not much different than what Matsui can do at his best, at his age. Add to that the OBP, doubles, walks, etc…The more I look, the more I like. It’s not sexy, it’s not going to push the Yankees over the edge, but it’s a solid signing.

“I know there are some teams interested,” Damon told Feinsand. “But the Yankees are the best organization I’ve been a part of so far in my career.”
Well if that’s the case and not just a negotiating tactic then why didn’t he just sign when he had the chance? Now he can go play in SF and in 3 years call them the best franchise he’s been a part of. You’re NOT a $13 million dollar a year player JD, not anymore. Thank you agent for the new home in the NL West where the Giants will be the 3rd best team.

Guys, I was just busting balls. Of course I realize that NJ is a good signing – I’m just pointing out that the possibility exists that I could deconstruct it, but wont. It’s a good move for them.
It’s the overall point that any move can be rippped to shreds by any number of stats (Nick Johnson missing just as much time at five years younger?), but it’s a good move – not every move needs to be shit on repeatedly.
I like the signing.

“…I wonder if Matsui was pushing to play the OF?…”
i did hear that somewhere john, but i can’t remember where, sorry…can’t tell if it was an official contract demand, but matsui probably would prefer to be considered a “complete” player, despite any suggestions to the contrary that his health, age, and the yankees made to him…

I’m warming to the idea of DeRosa as part of a platoon with Melky. He’s very good against lefties and Melky is acceptable against righties, and DeRosa is a good fit for a team with so many positional players who need rest.

Good signing. I was hoping the Sox would have gotten him last offseason, but after the way Youkilis looked in his limited time at third in 2009, I think it’s just as well. The Sox need to either get a stud at first, or do Beltre (or DeRosa?) at third.

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