Yankees Wishful Thinking Department

Lee Jenkins, named best new baseball scribe in this week’s Village Voice (ok, not the best source for spot-on sportswriting criticism, I’ll admit), might want to think about returning the award. Jenkins is generally pretty good on the Mets beat, but in today’s column, he comes up with this gem:

For Boston to demonstrate its pitching supremacy, Curt Schilling and Pedro Martínez can certainly use a couple of days to freshen up. Even though they are among the best pitchers of their generation, Schilling will turn 38 next month and Martínez will be 33 this month. Both gave up three runs in their first outings, evidence that they are not as formidable anymore.

Jeez. We’ll give him Pedro, but Schilling was up 8-1 in that first playoff game, and his job, with that lead, is to throw strikes. How is this evidence of his lack of formidability? Was Jenkins watching an imaginary season where Curt looked every day of his 38 and threw like Esteban Loaiza? Or was I the one watching the fiction where he went 21-6, didn’t lose to a team with a winning record during the second half of the season, and will only miss out on the Cy Young because of Johan Santana’s incredible effort?

Live up to the Voice’s award, Lee, you can do better.

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  • Who’s Lee Jenkins?

    Joe (YF) October 10, 2004, 2:43 pm

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