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Yanks at Minny: ALDS Gamer II

Looks like this Halladay guy might be kinda good. I looked into it because I had not heard of him before last night. Soon I must crawl into one of those awful beasts called an “airport”, which gave me insomnia last night, which in turn gave me the time to watch this unknown “Doc’s” performance on the DVR at 3am. He_was_so_choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one of him up for yourself.

Speaking of A Day 4 years off, the rejuvenated Carl Pavano can angle for all sorts of rejuvenated motivation to shut up morons like me that have been mad at him for the last half-decade, give or take a WTF. Morons that, given choice between seeing the Yankees lose a playoff game to Pavano, or, having jumper cables clamped to their man-boobs with the other ends hooked to a deep cycle marine battery, would choose electricity. Maybe you can’t afford a deep cycle marine battery. Soaking your baby-maker parts in sugar water and sitting naked on a fire ant mound should suffice. Another option? Rub Sterno into your scalp, light your hair on fire, and put it out with a roofing hammer.

Andy Pettitte hopes to send the Bombers back to the Bronx up 2-0. QUESTION: if, after tonight, New York holds a two-game lead and Hughes can’t close it out in game three, should they start CC short-rested or let AJ start on a short leash considering that one-game buffer? ANSWER: FALSE. Trade AJ for a bag of Golden beets and an interest in a suck-ass Premiere League Club to teach players learn how to whine to the officials.

It’s fascinating to me that Cliff Lee, such an important part of the Phillies machine last year and part of the three-way trade that sent him to Seattle (and eventually to Texas that landed Doc in Philly) dominated the Rays last night. James Shields (semi-infamous for engaging a brawl wherein he did not hit Coco Crisp, who did not hit Shields either) provides intrigue in St. Pete.

That’s right, you’re not from Texas.

Lineups to follow, comment away.

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Hitting every ball right at them…I guess it’s good we’re hitting the ball hard but it would be nice to get off to a good start for once?

Exactly Lar…exactly.
And as we’ve seen, when the ump fucks us with a ridiculous strikezone, it kills us because we take so many pitches.
I hate umpires. We need robots.

It would be fantastic is we could just ONE FUCKING TIME get off to a good start instead of always letting these no-name, loser pitchers mow us down for 6 innings…

Granderson didn’t miss a HR by much, so a second double by the Yanks, this time with no outs, let’se e if they take advantage of it..

Tex with a fast single to the left field, one hops the leftfielder and Granderson can’t score as a result, though maybe a better read he could’ve score. Still, first and third, no outs and heart of the lineup coming right up.

Cano smacks out to the base of the wall on right field. It was such a rocket that he can only get a single out of it, as it takes a lucky (for Minny) bounce right to the right fielder. Tex does go to third on the play.

Swisher now up with a chance to get an RBI or two or three. Pavano is a little flustered, but there’s still only one run on the board..

Swisher did basically the one thing he can’t do to score the run, a tailor made double play up the middle, and Pavano got out of that one with just one run.


AND Gardenhire gets tossed. Fuck off loser. You have gotten SO MANY CALLS in this game it’s ridiculous. Hit the showers asshole.

Bases fucking loaded…1 out…ZERO FUCKING RUNS.
Just like the regular season. If they come back and win this fucking game…we left so many men on base with our meat at the plate.

I try and ignore the fans crying over the strikezone when their pitcher benefited from it the entire game while ours didn’t…screw them. Bunch of hicks!!! ;)

You are from Charleston too??? My grandparents owned a house on Edisto Island for years, then built one of of 17 by the mall…awesome town!!!
I like Gardner dude, just using some good old negative reinforcement on him!!!

Gotta love all those disappointed faces in the crowd. Also gotta love the possibility of clinching at home. This whole team is playing well exce…and I just lost my train of thought hearing Lance Berkman speak for the first time. Wow. Ok…
Everyone but Swisher and Jeter are on so far. Jeter looks waaaaay too aggressive right now.

in your face porn-stache-guy…i mean, wtf, wouldn’t you think old friend alyssa milano would clue him in on how stupid he looks…

I am watching the sports shows and everyone is making a big deal about that one pitch…not even mentioning ALL THE FUCKING PITCHES HE DID GET THAT WEREN’T STRIKES THROUGHOUT THE GAME!!!!
Gotta love our all-around worthless media.

If you watch the MLB Network review show, they break down Pavano throwing 1st pitch strikes the first time through our order…like 2 of the pitches were actually strikes. It’s laughable.

Umps 2, Twins 0.
Has there ever been a poorer excuse for a freaking baseball team than the twins. In order of importance to the success of the Yankees the past five years:

yeah, espn is all over the “story” about a missed ball/strike call…funny…love the way they cherry-pick a play to make a moot point…they did offer some “perspective” by having tino martinez explain that the ump did set a pattern, which berkman confirmed he was looking for: pitches that were 6 inches outside would be strikes [sometimes], and pitches on the inside corner would be balls [frequently]…pavano’s first 3 pitches to berkman in that at bat were well outside the tbs strike box [one was even low]…he got one of them for a strike…maybe they were bitching that all 3 should have been strikes if the ump was more consistent with that pattern…not sure…the focus seems to be only on that one cherry-picked pitch, not the dozen or so others that pavano did get to go his way…seemed like pettitte had a similar strike zone, but he didn’t come unraveled…they talked a lot before the game too about certain twins changing their routine to help change their luck…maybe somebody should’ve talked the american “idle” into shaving off that nasty porn stache….haha

The fact that James Shields still has the nickname “Big Game James” is a cruel joke. I’m sure hedoens’t even want the moniker anymore. Andy Pettitte on the other hand is all about the big games. What a performance. And Lance Berkman is only the latest exhibit proving the impressive worth of Kevin Long. Guys credit this guy more than any hitting coach in the league. He significantly improved Nick Johnson, Curtis Granderson, Lance Berkman, and Derek Jeter’s swings this year to get them out of slumps that were – for three of them anyway – the worst slumps of their careers.
And Kerry Wood looked absolutely phenomenal. His pitches move as much as AJ’s except they actually seem to go more or less where he wants (his control is cleraly not perfect but it is certainly around the plate). If he continues pitching as he has, the Yankees can shorten games to 7 innings.
I am not at all discounting the possibility that the Twins could come back – strangeer things have happened – but it would be great for Phil to finish these guys off so CC is rested for the ALCS. I’ve got tix to Game 5 so that result would mean no game for me, but I’ll take the series!!

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