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Yanks Sign Chan Ho Park

The Yankees sign Chan Ho Park, who is maybe the greatest Korean-born pitcher in MLB history. The righty hurler sports an exquisitely groomed beard and mustache, which will be further groomed to nothingness. True Yankeedom requires sacrifice. The move means Mitre or Gaudin are likely out.

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You know Nick, I am trying to figure out who will be the one to go. I don’t know if Mitre can be sent down. Does he have minor league options? I have to be honest, I’d rather Edwar Ramirez be let loose. The Yankees have 2 emergency starters that they can trust (to some degree) in Mitre and Gaudin, why let either go if you don’t have to? Someone has to come off the 40 man, so I assume we will find out shortly who that is.
As for the signing itself, I like Park. Who wouldn’t like an ERA and K/9 like he had last year? Coming to the AL East will certainly change those numbers, but even still he’s a quality, proven arm. You can never have to many of them.

In terms of who goes off the 25-man roster, it’s going to be whichever of Gaudin or Mitre the Yankees can unload. They don’t need two kinda crappy long-men in the pen.
I’m impressed by Park’s numbers last year, but I wonder if it’s just a case of an NL reliever succeeding in the NL, just like LaTroy Hawkins of yesteryear.
I kind of hope that this means either Hughes or Joba go to the minor leagues to start the year. You just know there’s going to be cavalcade of injuries.

Obviously Nick doesn’t remember that game Jae Seo pitched for the Rays a few years back. That game that he pitched changed how we now view the Rays and their franchise.
On a serious note, can we please move the Red Sox roster bar on the right side…I feel like every time I glance to the right I see BOOF and start to laugh. It’s throwing me off.

Yeah I agree with you re: who will go, but I’d rather it be Ramirez. They are kinda crappy, but I’d rather have them waiting in the wings in case of emergency. I like Gaudin by the way, he’s a good pitcher. He’s not a great pitcher, but he’s a decent enough option for most teams in cases of emergency or even #5. If I had a choice I’d say send Mitre.
Yeah, you just never know Andrew. Between Hawkins, Chris Hammond and a long list of others…Overall though, can’t hurt to have another arm.

First off, let me retract my original ERA comment…I must have read the wrong info on his ERA, thought it was sub 3 LY. Brain fart.
I don’t think anyone said he was going to be our MVP, but for the money, the risk is certainly worth the reward. Worst case scenario you are exchanging Mitre/Gaudin for Park. If it’s Gaudin they may end up saving money for similar #’s/abilities.
BTW, I read this morning that Mitre is out of options, so someone will need to be traded or let go.

Just read RAB and it seems like the thinking is Ramirez will be DFA’d and then hopefully clear waivers, in which case he could be sent to Scranton.
Either way it’s not a sexy move, but it could prove to be beneficial to have this type of depth.

Wow, great cheap pickup for a veteran relief arm. And that’s all he is. The Yanks are paying him less than Bruney is making. Given the relative youth in the pen, beyond Marte and Mo, this was a no-brained. With the starting depth there’s no chance he will be a starter. Now theyvcan keep Hughes as a ready to go starter at The Office.

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