Yanks Jekyll & Hyde Act: Back to Jekyll

It’s all or nothing with these Yanks, and we most definitely prefer the all. After the monster swoon of a road of a road swing, now we have four straight home victories, including two nifty come-from-behinders. We’re not kidding ourselves into thinking this squad has all of a sudden morphed into a world-beating juggernaut, but it is nice to see Hideki breaking out of his slump and the other stalwarts of the lineup—A-Rod, Sheff, Jeets, Posada, Rivera—producing as we had expected. Where this goes, we can only wonder. But here’s to hoping Mr. Hyde stays hidden for the foreseeable future.

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  • Kevin Kernan argues in today’s Post that the Yanks are winning because they’re playing differently http://www.nypost.com/sports/yankees/48659.htm>.
    From the Post (also at http://massengale.typepad.com/venustas/2005/06/five_down_fifty.html#more):

    ” Torre points to it as the “O’Neill Factor,” playing hard and playing to win.
    “What I’ve seen here in the last six games is the grind attitude,” Torre explained. “You need to have that attitude if you are going to go far.”
    Getting this particular group to become grinders has been Torre’s goal from the beginning.
    “We have pointed that out since spring training,” Torre said. “Donnie (Mattingly) is a big proponent of that also — think small, never give up an at-bat, battle all the time.”
    Torre pointed to Rodriguez’ fourth- inning at- bat, where A-Rod scorched a two- out, two-run single past shortstop Neifi Perez off electric young right-hander Sergio Mitre.
    “I complimented Alex yesterday,” Torre revealed. “I said, ‘You haven’t hit any home runs since you hit your 400th, but you have gotten some huge hits for us that have been much more important than that.’ “

    They have to play .638 from now on to win 95 games. Will 95 be enough?

    john yf June 20, 2005, 8:31 am
  • Really? I chalk it up to the same reason as I chalk up Boston’s recent success- They’re playing Pittsburgh, the Cubs (who are terrible on the road), The ‘Rays, and so on. Neither of these teams (NY or Bos) are lighting the world on fire. We all saw what happened when Boston played The Cardinals, and when the Yankees played, well, Boston. While I’ll take the wins for sure, lets not carried away with the award ceremonies just yet there John. And, if the Yankess play .700 baseball the rest of the year, err, nevermind – that ‘aint happening! What they should really try to avoid is getting swept by the ‘Rays agian before concentrating on playing .700, because I’m sure the Sox are focused on Cleveland and not how many wins they are going to have in September.

    Brad-SF June 20, 2005, 12:51 pm

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