Tony Robbins, new Yanks bench coach?

This column shows just how loopy many of our all-stars are. The story, ironically, profiles the confidence-building coach behind the star, even as it betrays A-Rod’s truly fragile sense of confidence.

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  • As if the Yanks are the only ones with “issues.” Wasn’t that Dr. Phil next to Francona in the Sox dugout last night?

    YF April 21, 2004, 1:54 pm
  • Don’t be so defensive – who said anything about the Red Sox? I imagine we could spend hours discussing why exactly Nomar has a tourettic pre-at-bat warmup routine, and plenty of other things. I was only pointing out that these so-called confidence gurus really just betray fragility, and that even as we hold these stars up as indications of the strongest we have, they are probably no more confident in their abilities than we peons are, perhaps less. It’s understandable – their careers are short, they have to be nearly perfect to execute well, and their margin for error is very small. Don’t try to make this into a Yankees-Red Sox issue – it’s not one.

    SF April 21, 2004, 2:08 pm