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Yeah, Me Neither: Yanks-A’s Rubber Gamer

Chad Gaudin faces Brett Anderson as the Yanks look for the series win against Oakland. Lineups follow, comment away.

NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .330
J. Damon lf .283
M. Teixeira 1b .283
A. Rodriguez 3b .257
H. Matsui dh .269
N. Swisher rf .242
R. Cano 2b .315
M. Cabrera cf .268
J. Molina c .253
C. Gaudin 5.40
A. Kennedy 3b .282
R. Davis cf .293
M. Ellis 2b .279
K. Suzuki dh .277
R. Sweeney lf .274
L. Powell c .253
J. Cust rf .226
T. Everidge 1b .237
C. Pennington ss .283
B. Anderson 4.55

139 replies on “Yeah, Me Neither: Yanks-A’s Rubber Gamer”

Um…I’m so confused. No matter.
1-0 YANKEES!!!!
To recap:
Jeter singles and steals 2nd
Johnny moves him to 3rd
Tex hits him in…1-0 with 2 outs
ARod is up. About to K again.

ARod just looks awful at the plate…awful. Cannot do anything. Hasn’t hit a HR since 2007. Maybe he is saving his swings for Fenway and the MONSTAHHHHHH???

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think Derek Jeter now has 11 hits in his last 13 ABs (in addition to batting over .500 over this long roadtrip). Dude is hot.

4 pitch walk…1st and 2nd, no outs. GET HIM OUT OF THE GAME!!! THIS GUY SUCKS WORSE THAN MEE-tre!!!! At least MEE-tre throws strikes the other team can crush…

1st and 3rd, 1 out…about to have a tie game folks. This scrub is as bad as MEE-tre…

Twinkies take the lead, Sox back in the hunt (if the season ended today with the Twins and Rangers in the sixth inning, so, uh, oh well).

I guess he lasts 5 tops with no disaster,and we keeping adding runs. Joe can put Hughes or someone that challenges guys then.

Back in the hunt SF? When were you guys OUT of the hunt??? You’re going to sweep us this weekend and it’s going to be brutal in September when you guys are playing junior college teams at home and we are playing the entire month on the road against alien all-star teams…

Tonight we look like Seattle: The whole lineup anchored on a guy that CAN hit (Jeter/Suzuki),with sparse hits around the game. Hope the Yanks prove me wrong badly. Not this inning. Sh—-t

Seriously SF – what has changed since you were on me and John-YF for refusing to count you guys out yet???

No one counts Boston out. We just hope a lot you guys miss the playoffs. It’s worse(better for us) when you ALMOST get there and is cut out of post season for .5 or 1 GB. :)

And Gaudin throws again some 300 pitches for a guys that ends up on base. Krueg,maybe he lasts 4 INN tonight. o.O

Cust walks. Incidentally, he was all over the Mitchell Report earlier this week and – specifically – the lack of any Sox being named despite the Manny/Ortiz revelations since (implying that it had to do with Mitchell’s affiliation with the Sox). But enough of that – Gaudin escapes again…let’s go Yanks!

Funny look on the Hinskie lookalike rook Everidge’s face when called out. And with this K,I will quit trying to guess how long he lasts. RUNS,BOYS!!

The wife and I are discussing the poll question on the YES feed…we think Molina. He’s the best backup catcher in the league. If not him, Jerry.
That was a BS call. No hits. No runs. No chance. We suck.

Nice running grab by Johnny in the cavernous foul ground in this garbage stadium…1 out.

Pretty please indeed.Looks like the Yanks are re-learning to hit while the game goes on,so in their 3rd-4th AB they might start something. Who played there thurs?Raiders? And what’s the poll,krueg,I missed it here.

31 HR’s 89 RBI’s…MVP, MVP, MVP!!!!

The poll was:
Who is the most valuable bench player?
ARod is just TERRIBLE!!! WTF IS WRONG WITH HIM??? Does he have sand in his vagina I wonder???

And for the poll,I like a lot Jerry,for being able to play almost anywhere and offensively,Hinskie not really bad at all,but Moe-leena is very reliable to get in HIP HIP’s place. Vote for Molina.Talking about Molina made me want a tequila,wish I had some,”sigh”

A-Rod is sucking, but on the bright side,Chad is one-hitting the A’s!!! Incredible. He’s gonna pitch a five inning one hit shutout! Maybe

Nice job Gaudin – no panicky (Mitre-like) throw to get the lead runner at second. Just get the sure out at first and go after Cust.

Crazy 3-0 pitch in the firt right there. We might be on the verge of a meltdown…come on Chad – one more…

Man,Gaudin is gonna win this thing? Good job all the way,except for the pitch count,he was edging too much,high,low and lateral-wise.Work on control some more and it’ll look way better.

I cannot understand why he wasn’t bunting there…I mean, are you f-cking kidding me? Was there any doubt the DP was coming? Unreal.

Who wouldn’t krueg, he’s a one man class. Boys should watch films of him playing and learn to do the same.I love the batting stance, the ability to hit opposite field. And him being a lifetime Yankee.

If I were the A’s I’d seriously consider walking the bases loaded for A-Rod.
Teix goes 0-2 though…

Tex labeled that one…the dude in center is a vacuum. F-ck.
Good point IH, we NEED MORE RUNS!!!!

I guess he was runnning back for the Packers…no,no,I’m joking.He reminds me a lot of a GB RB, just can’t grab the name.

How bad does the Oakland Coliseum CF look? It’s like a freaking worn-down grass parking lot.

Man,4 walks to match 5 K’s,edgy! Holy Canolli,come on Gaudin. You can win this baby!!

It looks like Memphis rednecks lawn…minus the washer, dryer, fridge and rusted out car of course.

Leadoff walk. I want a TIGHT leash here…our entire bullpen hasn’t thrown in 2 days other than Robertson for one inning and we have tomorrow off. Oh yeah – AND WE NEED THIS GAME to avoid serious embarassment and negative momentum.

Damn. It was a tough play but we should have had it. Pen! Warming ! Now! Seriously! SERIOUSLY!

It’s nearly all the grass,IH, there was football thursday. Looks terrible to play,cause you never know where it’s gonna bounce. Not a very good throw by Jeter there.

Cano f-cks it up and now Chad is in big, big trouble…nice job robbie.
Walks the bases loaded. Bullpen time. Nice job Gaudin. Couldn’t ask for more I think.

Exactly what are we saving our best-in-the-league-since-June-1 pen for? It’s 3-0 with the go-ahead on deck!!!!

Gaudin pissed but he can’t think walking the bases loaded on 4 pitches with only a 3-run lead could be excused. Come on Ace…

Couldn’t have asked for better. For 90% of this season Ace has been The Cleaner…The Wolf from Pulp Fiction…The Fixer…bigger attitude than skills, but it works for him. Whew.

ARod is in an ARod-like slump…I mean, seriously dude? If you are hurt, DON’T PLAY!!!! REST IDIOT!!!
Too much dry humping with Kate I think.

ARod is back to being a blackhole that sucks the life out of out lineup…sad but true.

A-Rod should be napping in Madonna’s arms right now. The guy needs a blow Joe – come on! It’s one thing I haven’t understood with Joe this year – his management of A-Rod’s playing time has been atrocious (in the midst of lots of other good managing in my view).

The guy is struggling…SIT HIS ASS DOWN!!! He should sit Friday in BAWH-sten, but he won’t….

Tx kg – one of my favorites, though of Tarantino’s films I like True Romance the best (though I think he only wrote and didn’t direct that but need to verify…).

You are correct IH…he wrote it, didn’t direct it. Great movie too. Cannot wait for his new one!!! WWII movie? By Tarantino??? Almost too good to be true…

I don’t know. I’ve gotten a little tired of Tarantino’s schtick. One of the reasons I so like TR is that the snappy dialogue, quirky characters, and I’m-embarassed-to-laugh-at-what-just-happened moments were all really fresh.
Though I do love listening to the straight-laced John Flaherty stumble every time he has to read the promo and say “Inglorious Bastards” with claerly apparent discomfort.

I really just want this f-cking series to be over with. They have mailed it in. Sitting on a lead leads to loses. I cannot believe I stayed up again for this pathetic display of hitting…

“That ball exited the stratosphere before clearing the wall”
Maybe that’s why I saw some fire like thing falling down,it was re-entering earth.
About Tarantino,I’m a huge fan as well, he actually sold to Scott the screenplay and Scott wanted to direct Reservoir Dogs too. Quentin said,not that baby,no. And became the guy we know!Crazy old,great Tarantino.

Cano just swung at a ball that was almost above eye-level and then another that bounced in the dirt. The greatly-improved plate discipline he came into the season with seems to have gone the way of David Ortiz’s credibility.

And had a small part on From Dusk Till Dawn.Watched again this week,and Salma Hayek,was she steaming white hot then!! Of course she is still but d-mn!!

Oh I haven’t seen Four Rooms – I definitely will look it up.
Pitt’s Floyd character in TR is brilliant – the juxtaposition of his krueg-like baked-out friendliness interacting with the gun-toting hitmen was simply brilliant. (Sorry krueg – meant as a compliment…really)

No offense taken…I resemble that remark! :) Nice on the Ortiz zinger too!!!
You HAVE to see Four Rooms. Very cool movie. Back me up Fiddy?

This is a joke. They are going to blow this f-cking game and crawl into Boston and get ass-pounded. F-CK! I WOULD KILL MYSELF AGAIN BUT I’M ALREADY DEAD!!!
Not to mention I’m going to have to stay up for another hour.

1-run lead. This game is very very far from over Yankees – don’t mentally pack your bags just yet (except you A-Rod…you should be allowed to pack you bags literally and get some rest).

Don’t remember watching four rooms man, not by name. Will search here in imdb see if rings a bell. :/

Watching the rest of this sh-tfest in bed boys…see you all on Saturday, going out for the game Friday night. Hopefully I don’t have to knock out any buck-toothed, inbred Southern SF’s!!!

YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT TOO FIDDY!!!! Wow, you guys are in for a treat. I wish I could watch it again for the first time…
I’m out.

The guys in our pen have sometimes given up runs when left in for a while but I’d really like to run the stats on how they’ve done when coming into RISP situations. It’s been remarkable.

Yeah,krueg,great movie indeed.It’s filmed in segments, Quentin’s one is…Tarantinesque.Get it,IH. Luck for us Friday then man. Night.

Oh, and the game,Coke does good (only in the Yankees bullpen,kids,please!) Nice outing by Anderson,could have almost win.

Davis sometimes goes all the way to LF, mostly LF, and embarasses the poor left fielder,he’s got speed!

My 3-year old just wet her bed. I went to clean it and her up and returned to see the Yankees in the middle of doing the same. What the hell is going on.

Huuuuge DP baby,erases RISP! at least on defense A-Rod is clutch!! And Hughes must have sprung another ulcer on krueg by now. 8th over!!

Phew. The A’s are certainly making the Yankees work for this series win. And the Yanks – especially their bats – seem to be willing to do just the bare minimum.

Man these Yankee bats can’t seem to get off the west coast fast enough. We’re lucky we’re playing such a bad team right now.

And Swish flies out to Davis, because he hadn’t yet reached his quota of 22 outs.
We need a sharp Mo, despite the fact that he hasn’t pitched in almost a week.

Yankees win!! Close sonofabi-ch this one. Man!! But it’s in the bag,let’s go back east.

Game, series,GET ON THE PLANE NOW (and try not to hurt yourselves boarding).
We go into Boston with a .5-game larger lead then we had after sweeping them and heading out on this roadtrip.

And hopefully get out of the series with a 8.0,7.0 lead? Is that too much to ask? Rest well boys,good job in the west(overall). And out I go, see ya guys,IH.

Greinke, Halladay, and Beckett all lost their starts this week…CC edges up a notch in the AL Cy Young competition. Sunday’s Beck-Cc matchup will be fun. Hope it lives up to its potential.

Man that was close but I’ll take it…5-2 west coast trip is solid.
Now. Yankees vs Sox again. BRING IT YANKEES!!!

It is very exciting for me to envision a series in which the first two games are started by Penny and Tazawa.
Kill me now.

Iget that SF – I do. At the same time, the Yank bats have been bizarre lately. Jeter and Teix are great. Damon OK. Melky, Cano, A-Rod, Posada, and Swisher are all slumping. We just got shut down by Brett Tomko and held to 3 runs by Brett Anderson and the last-place A’s pen. If the Yankee offense that is leading the league in multiple stat categories shows up, then Penny and Tazawa especially could be in trouble. If the offense that showed up the last 4 games shows up, the Yanks will be in trouble.

I get that SF – I do. At the same time, the Yank bats have been bizarre lately. Jeter and Teix are great (Jeter has been sort of insanely good lately). Damon OK. Melky, Cano, A-Rod, Posada, and Swisher are all slumping, some sverely. We just got shut down by Brett Tomko and held to 3 runs by Anderson and the last-place A’s pen. If the Yankee offense that is leading the league in multiple stat categories shows up, then Penny and Tazawa especially could be in trouble. If the offense that played the last 4 games shows up, the Yanks will be in trouble. But yeah – I’d obviously rather be us than you guys right now.

“It is very exciting for me to envision a series in which the first two games are started by Penny and Tazawa.”
Well, it could be worse, Smoltz could be in there – although Dave Cameron at fangraphs says the sox blundered and only looked at ERA and didn’t give him a good enough chance.

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