Yeah, I agree with you

Yeah, I agree with you there, though in my opinion the Cubs pen isn’t remotely overwhelming (even more reason to give the nod to DB). On other fronts: 1. Has there ever been a more important Game 1 in any series than tonight’s Pedro/Hudson matchup? If the Sox don’t win Petey’s starts, forget them, and if the A’s don’t win with Hudson they have Zito (not too shabby) and then…Lilly….Halama? Both teams have to be focused as hell tonight. 2. I am waiting for Steinbrenner to bitch about the Yankees/Twins day off today, awaiting some sort of maniacal screed charging Bud Selig with stacking the deck in favor of the Twins, knowing that the Twins are 4-0 on an extra day of rest this year after games they win in which they score 4 runs or charging that Selig knows that the Yankee Stadium grass has chlorophyllic issues when not played upon for two days that make Pettitte’s ground balls bounce slower and therefore give the Twins’ speed an extra-special advantage or that Kyle Lohse is 3-0 when appearing on TRL with Carson Daly the day before a playoff game or…you get the idea.