Year of the Marginal HoFers?

It makes sense that the standard for entry into the Hall is lowered every year, as the last “marginal” player enshrined sets a new, lower bar for future candidates. And so we have Moli and Eck. Did these two get in on the curve? Take a peek at the stats:

Paul Molitor: 9th overall in hits with 3,319. 1782 runs. 1307 rbis. .306 career average. It’s hard to argue with those raw numbers.

And then there’s Eck: 197 wins. 390 saves. So let’s repeat: it’s hard to argue with those raw numbers. And of course there were those dominant closing years: 48 saves with a .61 era in 1990, being the best (ever).

So congratulations to these two on 45 combined years of excellence, and their much deserved enshrinement.

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