It’s a tenuous argument, sure, but I wasn’t making a real hard case, just pointing out the possibility of better names not invoking images of hamster wheels or bubbling fishtank treasure chests.

IMHO, DiMaggio Field would be better than PacBell.

More thoroughly explained, I think that commercialization has done many good things for the promotion of sports, adding global appeal and expanding the reach of game. But, one of the truly horrible things it has done is foster horrendous stadium tags (Tropicana Field? Pro Players Park?). What’s next, “Bombers Field at Tampax (nee Yankee) Stadium”? All it would take is the cash…

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  • Hey,
    Here’s my take on this. I am a diehard yankees fan who doesn’t mind a cheesy light-up sign in right field, a crazy mascot, heated seats, or anything special. What would really break my heart would be yankee stadium getting called something else. There are only several ballclubs not named after stupid rich organizations. (Hate to join the evil side – but why is Fenway so great .. TRADITION!) But, bottom line if my team is there then you know I am … LETS GO YANKEES!

    Lena Badr October 1, 2004, 9:00 am

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