YF finally returns after a

YF finally returns after a prolonged hiatus–sorry folks. The conclusion of the LCS just about knocked us out, left us speachless, and in the ensuing days its just been hard to find the energy to jump back into the fray. But I suppose we must, and there is much to discuss. So a few items to review over the past week, some in reply to SF, some not: -Ronan Tynan, David Cassidy, Yanni. Could someone from MLB step in here–for the love of God, if not country. -On the Tynan front: My opera buffa in-laws claim never to have heard of this “famed Irish tenor.” -My favorite LCS Game 7 story: A member of the Boston Symphony horn section wore headphones and through a set of prearranged hand signals reported the score to the rest of the orchestra during their evening concert. -Okay, after a brief hiatus we are once again anxious to have Aaron Boone’s pinstripes permanently revoked. -Grady: You can’t choose a manager based solely on what the players think. He did a decent job, but every time the Sox lose two games from here on out, there will be distractions from the media calling for his head. I suspect Epstein wants someone a bit more in touch with his philosophy. -Torre: Should he have gone to Mo in game 3? I thought he would, but I understand his thinking: in the NL, you don’t want to be bringing in pitchers if there’s a danger you have to pinch for them. And given the way the Yanks have been swinging, he might reasonably have anticipated another prolonged extra inning contest. Weaver didn’t do badly either. He got ahead, had one quick inning, and the hr wasn’t exactly a towering shot. So I’m williing to cut Joe a little slack. He’s earned it. And the Yanks had plenty of opportunities to push across a run that would have precluded this whole mess. Clutch: There’s been a great deal of SABR analysis of clutch perfomance: whether it exists, whether it doesn’t, in what proportion it exists, etc. It will be nice to review this material over the coming few weeks. In the meantime, Derek’s having a fantastic series. (Though he was a bit slow to cover third last night in that run down!).

Posted by YF on 10/24/2003 10:31:57 AM