YF First Half Report Card

The All-Star break is an opportune moment to look back and reflect on the performance, or lack thereof, of our would-be heros over the first half half of the season. So here goes:

Posada: A-. Solid.
Giambi: D. He hit .340 in his last season for the A’s. Now he’s at .240, and the power and on-base numbers are down as well. Injuries can only be an excuse for so long.
Clark: A. The big surprise. His average is low, but solid D and timely power. His OPS is exactly the same as Giambi’s. Where would Giambi be if Travis Lee wasn’t out for the year?
Cairo: B+. Doing just fine, obviating any need for wasting prospects on an acquisition.
Jeter: A-. Horrible start, but hot now, and he gets a major bump for The Play.
A-Rod: B. When he’s not at SS, he’s just an excellent player, not the best player in the game, or even the AL. And he strikes out a lot. And he’s been weak with men on base.
Matsui: A-. Takes too much shit from Sabermetricians. Nice first half.
Bernie: B-. Finally coming back to form, after slow start. Defense still a problem.
Lofton: B-. Has had his moments, good and bad.
Sheff: A-. Slow start, but now looking fearsome. And gutsy.
Sierra: A-. Carried the team for a while.
Moose: C+. Some days it’s there, some days it’s not.
Vaz: B+. Too many homers. But solid.
Brown: C-. Only an ace against the D-Rays thus far. Will he come back stronger?
Contreras: D. Enough already.
Lieber: B-. How much can we expect?
Quantrill: B. Solid.
Flash: A-. Great first half.
Mo: A+. What more to say?
Torre: A. Despite the problems, they’re in first. By 7.

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  • i think guys gotta do a west coast version. i know, the NL sux but what?

    WC July 15, 2004, 1:08 am

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