YF Takes a Trip

Even to the limited intellect of YF, this much is clear: the race for the AL East title is now over. But as SF is so fond of reminding himself (and the rest of us), this year’s Sox were built for the playoffs. Will they make it? Who knows. Our suggestion: call Dionne Warwick.

What seems most relevant at the moment, however, is that things are in hand, and we can feel comfortable departing for a civilized month abroad. That’s right, with the division title set, YF is trading in Big Stein, John Henry, and Good Old Bud Selig for a whole new set of oligarchs—a group, we should point out, that will be a lot less likely to look upon our gentle ribbing with good cheer. Moscow, here we come!

YFSF fans should fear not, however. YF wilI be checking in with some regularity, no doubt posting through a vodka-induced haze. But to keep things rolling while YF traipses about the original Evil Empire, the proprietors of this site are very pleased to announce that Gold Medal Poster JCL has agreed to step in and keep SF honest on a daily—nay, hourly—basis.

Rest assured that YF will be back for the playoffs. Until then, Go Yanks and Na’sdarovye.

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  • Bon Voyage, YF. Thanks to the miracles of technology, we know that your trip abroad will be virtually undetectable. Here’s hoping you come back to a dramatic September and a decimated Yankees squad. We can’t think of a better welcome home than a scowling and disabled Kevin Brown, a wincing Gary Sheffield, and a Red Sox Wild Card spot on the standings page.

    SF August 11, 2004, 9:31 am