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YFSF Fantasy Baseball 2009

YFSF fantasy baseball is back once again.  This time we have dumped Fox Sports and gone with good old reliable CBS Sports.  I will leave this season's prize up to  YF and SF, but I know last season we went with a t-shirt and or a mug.  In the end though, no prize can compare to being able to brag that you are the 2009 YFSF fantasy baseball champion.  If you are interested in joining please email the site.  The league will max out at 20 teams, so it's first come, first serve.  Once I get all of your emails I will send you an invitation to join the league. 

17 replies on “YFSF Fantasy Baseball 2009”

I finished 2nd in the league (both in regular and postseason) last season. Hopefully this year a YF can win it! ;)

I finished 1st in the Regular Season them promptly choked in the Semifinals. Heartbreaking loss that I hope I can come back from in 2009.
I am fairly certain Ath won, right?

Send an email to the site if you are interested. Once SF forwards me your email I will send you the invite. First come, first served.

Yeah he beat me. But not a “true” win since I didn’t set my lineup, bla bla bla…best record overall out in the Semi’s, just isn’t how it should end. This year is mine however!

Yeah I think I was an 8 seed, and I got hot at the right time. I got lucky too because during the 2nd half of the season I had an ARod glitch; after he came back from the DL he was never available for me to use. So I used 2 or 3 crappy utility players to fill the gap at 3B for August-September-October.
It was all luck, trust me.

request sent.
interested to see how cbs sportsline baseball will go. i use their fantasy football and it’s well run.
since we’re airing gripes from last year….i had the fourth most points overall between both divisions and was left out of the playoffs.
ath- no 2 matt hollidays in the same lineup for you this year. ;)

Just wait, when the Athletics unveil their Clonatron 3000 next month they can have as many Matt Hollidays as they want! Then I’ll show you!

uhg. looks like cbs only recognizes our league as a 10 team league which leaves me on the outside looking in. let me know if anything changes.

Me too. It took forever trying to think of a name, then when I did it said the league was full. I should probably cancel those “Brooklyn Fightin’ Conscientious Objectors” jerseys.

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