YFSF Fantasy Update III

From Brad…

Hi All.

Well, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated everyone on the current standings in our fantasy league over at ESPN.  Many of the regular posters here, my fiancé, and a couple of my close Red Sox drinking buddies are all still hanging tough despite ESPN’s constantly changing format, scoring mistakes, and clear lack of responsibility when it comes to getting everything working properly in time.   Next year, we will not be returning to ESPN for this, but rather going to Yahoo or some other more reputable host for our entertainment and bragging rights.

So, since I know the anticipation is eating at all of you, here are the standings as of this morning:

Rank Team Name Points Player
1 Manchester Marauders 126 Josh
2 University Towers Whalers 104.5 Randy
3 The Franchise 102.5 Brad
4 Girl Power 96.5 Christine
5 Team Townend 95.5 Rod (sf-rod)
6 Global Bombers 93 Sam (sam-yf)
7 Rocky Mountain Oysters 92.5 Mike
8 Boston Massacre 88.5 Jeff (yfiB)
9 Tampa Bay Tornadoes 74.5 Stephen
10 Fear of Number Thirteen 72 Trisk
11 Team Leinung 65 Andrew
12 Nippon Ham Fighters 64 John
13 West Texas Tornadoes 57.5 Paul

As they stand now, Josh is running away with this.   This is mostly due to the fact that I STUPIDLY traded Carlos Beltran away to him very early, but maybe if we’re lucky we’ll be able to climb back into it.  He’s also aided by the zillion points that Jake Peavy and Pittsburgh’s Jason Bay have given him.  He’s built a team that is going to be hard to catch for sure.

The cluster of teams in the middle, from two through eight, toggle back and forth on a daily basis, but remain pretty constant overall.

May did not bring the joy that April did for some of our players (you know, those with ARod, Beckett, and other guys that came out on fire), but in the case of both of those players mentioned, we all know they’re going to pick it right back up where they fell off.  Speaking of Beckett… his eight wins and high K rate have kept me in the mix when others have failed me.

Christine (my beautiful fiancé) has assumed full control of her own destiny now, and is no longer accepting advice from me, so even though I know she will read this, her demise is not far away.  She has a team of great players who are underperforming, so if she holds tight, she may get back into the top three, but I’m not expecting her to do so since she offers me a trade everyday.  She’s nervous about asking anyone else, but I told her it’s okay and that you guys don’t bite!

Yankee fans are short on appearances around these parts lately, but most are still checking and making changes to their teams’ everyday.  Trisk and Yankee Fan in Boston are both hanging tough, but both have been plagued by underperformers like Tiexeira, Mariano, and Zito.

Andrew, John, and Paul are rounding out the bottom of the barrel, but it’s a long season.  With guys like Manny Ramirez, Paul Konerko, Kevin Youkilis, Matsuzaka, and Vladamir Guerrero on their teams respectively, they can make a huge push in any given week.  Not likely, but it could happen…

Again, I’d like to extend thanks to everyone who plays and updates regularly on their team.  It’s more fun when everyone is into it, and with a few exceptions (PAUL), most of us are logging in everyday.  Of course, I kid with Paul.  I know he’s got a new house (as I do), and both of us are busy tearing down wallpaper, ripping up carpet, and learning things we never knew!

Again, thanks everyone and I’ll update again in a few weeks when I’m surely back in first where I belong!


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  • Oof, Paul. Yikes. Glad you’ve got your hands off our big-league squad!

    SF June 1, 2007, 7:08 am
  • I have my hands off the fantasy league squad, as well. Which is part of the problem. I’m middle of the pack in my work heads-up league!

    Paul SF June 1, 2007, 8:08 am

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