YFSF Fantasy Update II

This is way late, and I apologize for that. Without further ado, our very own Brad:

Now that ESPN has figured out all the problems with the scoring, we’ve had what appears to be our first week (or so) of games without any problems. Josh continues to absolutely  dominate us on a daily basis, but we maintain hope. Rod is closing in every day thanks in large part to Ian Kinsler, who clearly made off with some of Manny’s mojo the last time Boston was in town.

There’s quite the pack in the middle that juggles back and forth on a nightly basis, and hopefully it stays that way; competitive leagues are always more fun that blowout ones. No real surprises, less the newly crowned Mr. April of course, but there are some real nice young players out there making a real difference in the scoring. Hanley Ramirez (no real surprise) is racking up points on par with his infield counterpart at third base, and young John Maine from NY has put up some pretty impressive numbers as well.

Overall, things are going as we expected.  Manny, Ryan Howard and King Albert have been huge disappointments to date, but we all know that’s going to turn around at some point.

So here are the way things stand as of Monday night:

Pos Team Points Name
1 Manchester Marauders 123.5 +0.5 Josh
2 Team Townend 111.5 -1.5 Rod
3 Tampa Bay Tornadoes 108.5 +3.5 Stephen
4 The Franchise 103 +6 Brad
5 Uni Towers Whalers 92.5 +0 Randy
6 Nippon Ham Fighters 83.5 -0.5 John
7 Girl Power 82 -1.5 Christine
8 Rocky Mountain Oysters 78.5 -0.5 mike
9 Fear of Number 13 76 +2.5 Trisk
10 Global Bombers 73.5 -3.5 Sam
11 Boston Massacre 73 -2.5 Jeff aka YFIB
12 Team Leinung 61.5 +0 Andrew
13 West Texas Tornadoes 59.5 -2.5 Paul

Congrats, Josh – that team is putting up some pretty impressive numbers on a nightly basis. On a more sour note, we congratulate Paul (yep, that Paul..) for putting together what appears to be, the worst fantasy team in the history of all things fantasy, but he holds fast to Manny Ramirez, even when I offered the AL MVP and  Ben Sheets for him. Good move, Paul.

More next week…

In my defense, I’ve been really busy. Reallllly busy. And would you trade Manny Ramirez? I didn’t think so.

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  • Fight on Girl Power!

    YF April 28, 2007, 12:33 pm
  • Ha, she say’s thank you, and even though you’re a YF, she likes you now.

    Anonymous April 28, 2007, 2:30 pm
  • as of this very moment, i’ve moved back into first place…..where i will remain for the rest of the year.
    i could use another outfielder, so make me an offer.

    sf rod April 28, 2007, 4:14 pm
  • Ya’ll jinxed me…my team stopped hitting, Pudge Rodriguez hurt his foot, and Thome went on the DL. ;-)
    Spoke too soon though Rod…for I, in fact, remain atop the leaderboard. And since it’s the third week in April, I’m confident that won’t be changing.

    desturbd1 April 29, 2007, 3:44 pm

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