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YFSF Poll: Mental Reject or Sucky Pitcher? You Decide

Why is it when I pitch bad, I’m a mental reject. When everybody else pitches bad, they just pitched bad?—Derek Lowe

Poor Derek’s tired of the press blaming his poor play on his emotional stability. (Terry Francona, borrowing from the Dubya grammar book, simply states, “We need him to pitch good.”) So we put this question to our readers: Does Derek Lowe need a few weeks with Dr. Phil, or are his problems strictly “mechanical”?

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3 replies on “YFSF Poll: Mental Reject or Sucky Pitcher? You Decide”

Lowe would rather the press just say he’s a crap pitcher, a guy who couldn’t get a Babe Ruth League guy out? Or would he rather be a guy with great stuff who needs to focus to reach his previous heights? Which is it, Derek: great stuff, 2 cent head, or talentless ragarm?
Having seen enough of Lowe this year, I’ll offer my opinion regarding his makeup this year: he’d be a great middle reliever pitching with a 7 run deficit, a fine innings eater to save everyone else with no pressure on.

In other news, Tampa Bay outfielder Geoff Blum, hitting a measly .216 in 189 at-bats, offered this up to his local Florida scribes:
“Why is it that you guys keep saying I am ‘incompetent’ at the plate, that ‘Ike Turner made more contact’ than me? Why can’t you just tell the truth – that I’m a mental case?”

Getting back to Derek Lowe, I just got a peek at the video tape of his little fit, which concluded with the assertion that he did not want to be known as a “mental Gidget.”
I guess he’s not a Sally Field fan.

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