You could certainly argue that

You could certainly argue that it does, at least in a way, and if you do this year’s award should go to Halladay. The Cy was established in the 1950s and named for the all-time wins/games/innings leader, though a legitimate argument could certainly have been made at that point that the game’s all-time greatest pitcher was Walter Johnson, and if not him, then Christy Mathewson or even Pete Alexander, who all had plenty of wins, higher winning percentages, and dramatically better eras than old Cy. But they chose the win/games/innings leader, and of course wins are contextual. So in this spirit Halladay is a logical choice over Pedro, though it seems clear he is the better pitcher when he’s on the mound.

Posted by YF on 9/22/2003 11:10:45 AM

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