You’d think that, after such

You’d think that, after such a compelling victory, SF would be in a slightly better mood. I guess not. But it is nice to see that your (fickle) renunciation of the postseason was just that (and let me just point out the accuracy of my prognostication of this series). As for Manny, spare us all of your justifications, and please keep your comparisons to Steve Lyons (a former Red Sox, by the way) to yourself. The suggestion that Manny’s stroll was simply exuberance after a lifted weight and was for the benefit of his teammates (with no disrespect intended) is absolutely ridiculous. It was classless. And the idea that the commentariat can’t “have it both ways”‘that we can’t criticize him for his lax attitude (as you yourself did!) and then also criticize him for his disgraceful grandstanding, is equally preposterous. Why can’t a reasonable level of sportsmanship and comportment be expected of our athletes? Cowboy up! And, by the way, comparison to the Yankees is ridiculous. If they take a bow once in a while, it is at the BEHEST of the home crowd, and not some kind of showboating rebuke to their opponents and their fans. And it should be noted that when Soriano flipped his bat and watched a home run last month, he was IMMEDIATELY castigated by Torre AND by his teammates. At least we can agree on Beane’s sour grapes. The A’s are not in a small market. If he has a small budget, it’s imposed by his frugal owner.

Posted by YF on 10/7/2003 11:39:34 AM