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Youk Returns: Jays-Yanks Gamer II

Kevin Youkilis is back in the lineup and Chris Stewart takes over catching duties for the time being as the Yankees send C.C. to the mound. Sabathia had a rough go against Tampa Bay is last outing, but he has given Toronto fits over the course of his career. The Yankees face J.A. Happ. Comment away.

R. Davis cf .273
M. Cabrera lf .253
J. Bautista rf .185
E. Encarnacion 1b .225
J.P. Arencibia c .256
B. Lawrie 3b .205
M. DeRosa dh .143
M. Izturis ss .167
E. Bonifacio 2b .169
J.A. Happ 3.68
NY Yankees
B. Gardner cf .256
J. Nix 3b .245
R. Cano 2b .319
V. Wells lf .308
K. Youkilis 1b .279
T. Hafner dh .294
I. Suzuki rf .243
E. Nunez ss .164
C. Stewart c .304
C. Sabathia 3.34

4 replies on “Youk Returns: Jays-Yanks Gamer II”

Hafner tattoos a ball over right-center to drive in 3.

Utterly nonplussed (even though that word actually means “confused”, I like the colloquial meaning better), completely unsurprised that Hafner and Wells and Youk are having good to great Aprils/seasons. You just learn to budget this in your head as a Sox fan, this resurgence from bunches of dudes on the Yankees.

The Wells and Hafner resurgences have indeed been just what the doctor ordered. In addition to countless MRIs and cortisone shots. I’ve watched more of this series than every other and it has been rough on Jays fans. They’ve slugged their way to lleads only to have the Yanksk come back. 4-game sweep possibility tomorrow…

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