You’ll Get Nothing and Like it!!


Some more news showing a disturbing milennial trend, at least to Yankees fans, of a certain someone being unable to close the deal and bring home a title.  Works for us.

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  • Uh yeah, I’m guessing DJ’s real upset about not bagging that one (if indeed he didn’t) because, like, he probably won’t get a shot at a hot chick ever again.
    Anyways, I’m skeptical. In college, a “good friend” of mine (cough) dated a girl for a nearly a year. And they engaged in all sorts of dating-related “activities”. Lo and behold, one day about six months after they broke up it came to his attention that she was featured in an article in a popular woman’s magazine about girls who refused to have sex until marriage. So…

    Sam March 16, 2006, 6:05 pm
  • Adriana Lima. I mean, how exotic can you get? Those blue-gray eyes, Whooaa…
    Well, if Jeter couldn’t hit the “home run” with Adriana, considering she was born in Brazil and one of the languages she speaks is Portuguese, perhaps Derek might have said, “Posso Lamber sua buceta”? Or perhaps, “Deixa eu comer seu cuzinho”?
    I know I would have.

    whatever March 16, 2006, 9:47 pm

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