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Young Guns: Sox-Rays Gamer XV

The Sox got the win they needed in Game 1 of the series, so I'm not sweating this one, which should be a good matchup between David Price and Clay Buchholz, who may now be the Sox' No. 2 pitcher behind Jon Lester.

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I typically don’t watch your games but this one is going to be good I think…going to try and flip over during commercials and check it.

Yeah, it’s a good match-up, krueg. I hope Buccholz can keep the Rays off the board and get the bats back to work.

I get home and turn on the game… and it’s a commercial break. But since I have they don’t always show the commercials, so I have the pleasure of listening to Orsillo and Dave Roberts humming along to the funky chicken that’s being played through the Trop speakers.

Hell of a game in Philly: Pedro vs Lincecum. Both pitchers have given up 1 run over 6 innings, both struck out 8, an both are only around 77 pitches.
And as I type that Lincecum gives up another run.

Another solid inning from Buchholz. If he can get through the next one unscathed, it’d be hard to complain about getting a quality start from him. Now to score more runs…

Maddon is going to start switching pitchers in the middle of at-bats.
“Well, I wanted Balfour to start Youk off with a fastball. Then I brought in Bradford to give him some of that side-arm sinker, to make it 0-2. Then Shouse came in to finish him off with his split-finger.”

Nice IBM! What was holding you back? Wife’s birthday, or anniversary?
That’s a weird play, both the first baseman and pitcher both ran over to first… but neither covered.
And Joe “let’s slow this game down” Maddon comes out to fire up the youngin’s. Thank goodness he’s not switching pitchers.

My daughter, ath. She’s 19 months old. she’d last 3 innings. It would be a huge waste of $. But then it occurred to me that I could just take the boy. The wife agreed. We’re going Sunday.

That’s awesome IBM. I’m jealous.
My girlfriend and I were planning on going to see the Sox in Baltimore later this month, but she wants to go to DC on a different weekend to go to some stupid book fair. I can’t get out of it.
Good outing by Papelbon… he seems like he really turned a corner a month ago regarding the uber-high WHIP.

Hey RMSF, welcome aboard.
Eat it, Rays. God, winning a series there feels nice.
That should about take the Floridians out of the playoff picture, barring a TREMENDOUS collapse. Worry about the Rangers and their upcoming two weeks of cupcake games (though they are wounded right now): BAL on road, CLE on road, SEA at home, OAK at home.

Truth is, though, we play them in a week at Fenway for 3 games. Things could be different by then.
Sucks how probabilities mean nothing when you’re still playing games.

Welcome RMSF! Where in the Rockies do you live?
Sure we play the Rays one more time, but I think this series really destroyed their motivation. Last night it was obvious with the way the Rays were playing, messing up, not covering bases, arguing with one another.
The Wild Card is a three-man race between BOS, TEX and… LAA. They only have a 3.5 lead in the AL West, and I still think the Rangers could possibly catch them.

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