Your logic confounds me: Pedro

Your logic confounds me: Pedro tried to bean a Yankee player out of his own personal frustration, his team be damned, and then threatened others with similar punishment. Then Manny over-reacted and took a bat out toward the mound after a pitch that was not even at him. Then Pedro tossed a 72-year-old nutjob to the ground. In the bullpen, Yankee players were under constant harassment from Fenway employees stationed IN the bullpen. And last night, the entire Red Sox front office held a press conference to spin the situation in direct contravention of an order from the commissioner. But it’s the Yankees and Joe Torre–who has been nothing if not diplomatic–who have no class. Pedro and Manny were rightly fined, as were Zimmer and Garcia. All these players got a huge break by not being ejected. The Red Sox behavior over the course of this entire playoff run has been ridiculous, from their bogus “cowboy up” slogan to Mannygait to this latest disgrace. They are the team that has lost all respect and public sympathy. And this in itself is an amazing feat: people love to hate the Yankees. But the Red Sox have completely squandered any goodwill they might have held as the underdog. I suspect a national poll would overwhelmingly show the most desired World Series matchup right now would be Yankees-Cubs. Last week it would have been Sox-Cubs. And the Sox have only their own behavior to blame. And I suspect that’s the last place they’ll look. But I’m frankly tired of this whole sorry discussion. If you want to go on hating the Yankees as a bunch of hypocritical tants, go right ahead’I’m obviously not going to convince you otherwise. It seems to me that in pro sports, and baseball in particular, there is more than enough hypocrisy to go around. As it is, I’d really just like to watch a decent ballgame. And frankly I’d like the Yankees to win it.

Posted by YF on 10/13/2003 12:46:09 PM