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You’ve raised the essential issues

You’ve raised the essential issues that might come back to haunt the players, but it would be good to hear an independent source or two–or a few competing opinions–discuss the potential fallout. You mention Zimbalist, but why not other academics, economists, legal authorities with some expertise in labor relations, someone from the NLRB, Marvin Miller? One Globe piece, and not an especially perspicacious one, with but one source hardly makes up for the dearth of sensible coverage, esp. on television. More broadly, as you’ve implicitly noted with your comments about the PA’s public position w/r/t the idea of a “free market,” baseball operates in an artificially constructed and largely shrouded economic system in which there is little accountability to the public. Situations like the present one provide our media with ideal platforms to report on this general state of affairs. But that kind of reporting doesn’t sell papers and commercial space with nearly the alacrity of highlight films and an “arms race” between the game’s most visible teams.

Posted by YF on 12/18/2003 04:17:13 PM

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