This headline, from Jack Curry’s story in today’s Times:

Ignoring 1918, Ramirez Has Fun Leading the Resurgence

So, an open letter to the press:

Guys, give it up. There are so few people anywhere in RSN, besides, er, Dan Shaughnessy, who pay any attention to 1918. I think we are at the point where all it does is give Yankees fans some degree of satisfaction, trying to remind us of our team’s futility, but it’s really a tired and lame line – we have enough recent history to remind us of that. Do you guys honestly think you are going to get anything interesting out of a player when you ask them about 1918? Do you really think that Kevin Millar or Keith Foulke or Orlando Cabrera think at all about that year? And Manny!? Manny can’t remember where he parked his car yesterday, so you think 1918 matters? Do you honestly think all of us Red Sox fans sit around and think about “way back when” when there are people like Bucky Dent and Aaron Boone lurking in our active mind’s eye? We don’t. So enough already – write a new story. We are sick of reading the same tired crap.