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16-11: Yanks-Sox Gamer VI

The first three games of The Rivalry this year were epic.

A pair of late home runs to give the Red Sox an improbable rally off Mariano Rivera and extra-inning win. A steal of home plate punctuating a series sweep … and in the middle, the Battle of Hastings.

That is, a 16-11 war in which tonight's starters — Josh Beckett and A.J. Burnett — washed out early and the Sox won the battle of bullpens.

Since that start, Beckett is 4-1 with a 3.11 ERA, including three total earned runs in his last four starts, while Burnett is 2-2 with a 4.27 ERA and has yet to find the consistency that made him such an attractive free agent over the winter.

What awaits these clubs under the gray, drizzly skies tonight? Hopefully a Red Sox win to tie up the division, go 6-0 against the Yanks on the season and get things back on track at home. Here's your spot for all the action. Comment away!

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What annoys me about this series is there isn’t one good matchup. I don’t want to watch Burnett suck tonight. Wake is always watchable except against the Yanks. Wang gets killed at Fenway. And we’ve already covered Penny. Couldn’t you guys use the off day to bump up Lester the Molester?

These next two starts are going to tell me all I need to know about Burnett – Becks then Santana. I don’t expect him to win either. Hopefully I’m surprised.

I don’t want to watch Burnett suck tonight. Wake is always watchable except against the Yanks. Wang gets killed at Fenway.
Reverse jinx. Reverse jinx. Reverse jinx>

Anything but a rainout will be fine by me… I’m going to a new, reasonably authentic Mexican restaurant down the road to watch the game.

Couldn’t you guys use the off day to bump up Lester the Molester?
I wish I had a good answer for this. In no way should Brad Penny be facing the Yankees when Jon Lester is an option on regular rest.

I heard the Sox all got food poisoning from Lowell’s wife, so they’re all too busy throwing up their guts to play. So the Yankees will be playing the Pawtucket Red Sox for the next three days.
Go Zink!

Beckett is going to throw at Teixeira (how could he NOT?) and a fight will ensue, and the Sox will end up having 8 players ejected. The rest of the game will be played with the bullpen band batting 2-9 (Pedroia won’t be ejected because the ump won’t be able to see him biting ankles)

I love how I have spread the negativity…hope it doesn’t wear on the SF’s that aren’t used to my patented negative reinforcement! Or do I??? :)

Why the hell isn’t working? It’s disabled for each game right now.

“Media error: the game is temporarily unavailable right now.”
Heads need to roll for this.

I once stated the fact that Lugo was batting 9th, and I didn’t throw in any insults.

yeah…i get that from my SF’s here. He’s your god-OUT-za or veras or al-ba-la-DOUCHE-ho or basically any of our relievers…

Wet conditions + Josh Beckett + Yankees = 7 players ejected in the first inning.
Calling it now.

Hey all, gotta go to my boy’s 8th grade graduation tonight, so I’ll catch the archived game on Do some swearing at the Yankees for me, will ya Krueg? GO YANKS!!!

Beckett throws 5 straight curveballs to Teix. Finally hitting his spots with it.
Oh shit, did anyone else see that fan almost fall over the ledge?

SFs – How’s Remy doing? I never liked Eck and he’s a homer. At least he has interesting things to say about the art of pitching. Still, I’d much rather listen to Remy.

They’ve been very quiet about Remy’s recovery, so I’m not sure Rob. I really do miss him too: Eck is a ton of fun to listen to, but he’s a huge homer. He’s great when he talks about pitching, but aside from that it’s bleh.

With a porn ‘stache like that, how could he not hit on your wife?
Passed ball, and now we have a RISP that we can strand.

No NESN for me, I get stuck with tweedledee, tweddledum, and tweedleevendumber on the Yankees’ broadcast. Sound goes off.

Why the hell is Girardi batting Cano 5th, Posada 6th, and Swisher 7th? Swisher should be 5, easily.

i knew this wouldn’t last…as opposed to all my thousand other posts on the yankee gamers. I’ll just stick to those from now on.

I do have, but I am assuming that it is blacked out in NY, since I get local coverage over the air. Haven’t bothered checking.

I could listen to WEEI on my iPhone with the sound down, but the radio is like a pitch or two behind, so it gets annoying.

Also, Ath, as much as I hate Michael Kay, and even if the game were on the laptop, I can’t really justify watching on a 13.3″ screen vs. a 42″ HD picture.

Hh, that’s wild: The prez of the Baseball HOF was once a statistician intern for Joe C and the rest of the Sox radio gang. That’s pretty neat.

Papi late again on a straight fastball. Lays off the high 0-2 pitch, waste, 1-2 now.
I really can’t even foresee Papi getting a hit.

Burnett all over the place. Even during Tek’s at-bat he wasn’t that close, but got a couple of borderline calls.

A-Rod comes back and makes a really good play to get Pedroia, going to his right and throwing from foul ground. Hell of a play.

That was an error for ARod, SF. He makes up for it with a good play right afterwards though.

Good inning, no matter. It will be important to see some more pitches next inning, don’t want Burnett to skate through the bottom/middle of the order too quickly considering the pitch count.

Eckerseley bringing up a good point: Beckett has talked to the umpire between innings in most of his starts this season. I wonder what he’s saying.

Burnett is getting uber-squeezed now. Not that I’m complaining.
Okay Ortiz, do it again!

Papi with the right idea there, but golfs one the other way. That was a good pitch to drive to left, but he just missed it.

Hey, remember when Burnett had a 3.50 ERA against the Red Sox?
Yeah, me neither.

Seriously, what the hell happened there? Hit and run with a guy who CAN’T THROW A STRIKE AND LOWELL ON FIRST? Are you kidding me?

What a waste. That’s a completely inexcusable mistake with Burnett struggling and the bottom of the order coming through. Really, that’s just terrible.

So why were they hitting-and-running when Burnett’s command has been all over the place?
Varitek ends up walking.

Kotsay rips one off Cano, probably a hit, but maybe should be an error? Need to see the replay. 1/2, two down.
WTF Lowell/Hale/Tito/Tek!?!?

HAHA Cano plays the ball off to his side like it’s a can of corn, and it goes right by. It was a hard hit ball, sure, but you gotta block it with your body buddy.

Dear Girardi,
Thanks for switching around your rotation so Burnett could pitch against us on 2 extra days rest.
Love, Red Sox Nation

SF, for some reason that comment gave me a case of the giggles. See how happy we all are when Lugo isn’t in the lineup?

Just had tor rewind the DVR. Green came around third, A-Rod set up to make the catch, and Green, right behind A-Rod, put both arms out almost in exclamation. He then looked back at A-Rod after passing him and the catch had been made. But in retrospect I think it was that Green, making the turn, was making sure he didn’t slip, and was a bit closer to A-Rod than he thought or meant to be.

if it’s true SF, then Green deserves a pay raise.
Close pitch called a ball, though clearly inside by a smidge. Next pitch gets him though!

Sox pick High Schooler Raymond Fuentes with their first pick in the draft, #28 overall. 18 years old. See you in 2013/4, Ray!

I think it was what I described in my second post, I think Green was a bit closer to A-Rod than he though, didn’t want to lose balance making the turn. But the initial visual was pretty funny considering the context and the history.

SF, I don’t think that’s what FSP is referring to.
A walk to Teixeira, and I’m 100% fine with that.

Then what is he referring to? The bad calls? Castig mentioned that Damon “looked like he knows he got away with one” there, so the radio guys mentioned it, for sure. Not sure about Orsillo/Eck.

Beckett is throwing curveballs like they’re tic-tacs. Everyone is sitting on his fastball, and they’re failing miserably.
A fourth straight curveball strikes out ARod!

I opened a bottle of wine, the wife is supposed to be home soon. She better get home soon, that’s all I am going to say.
A-Rod whiffs!!!!

Well, nm then. No-hitter over on an amazing play that Pedroia ALMOST made. Ball is wet though.
FSP, were you referring to the no-hitter earlier?

Medium sized jam here with Posada up, Cano gets on after a grounder that Pedroia can’t handle. Bear down, Josh. 0-2. Set him down.

I think “Dead Money” is a great f*ck you nickname for JD, it’s perfect, especially if he performs and the press keeps sh*tting on him.

SF, you know it’s easier for the press to write articles without doing any research. Who cares that Drew has the 3rd-highest OPS on the team? It’s easier to sh*t on him!

Wow Ortiz FURIOUS that he didn’t get all of that ball. He threw his bat in the air and then hit it hard with his palm, yelling at himself the whole time.
Settle down big guy.

I am totally on board the Dead Money bandwagon. Also totally on board with a 2-0 lead being 5-0 when I get back from a walk with the wife (and 6-0 shortly thereafter)…

The Sox’ first-round draft pick was born in 1991… The year of the Persian Gulf War. He was 10 on 9/11.
If that doesn’t make you feel old, nothing will.

Raymond Fuentes, from
Athletic centerfielder plays the game at full tilt, the type of player that will make a lot of highlight reels. Wiry frame. Line drive hitter, makes excellent contact, without a ton of power. Excellent swing mechanics. Top line speed. Excellent range and glove in the outfield, projects to stay in center. Fluid, gets good jumps on the ball. Below average arm.
Really, sounds just like Ellsbury.
Five straight outs on strikes for Beckett. He’s on an incredible run — the best he’s ever had in Boston.

5 straight strikeouts for Beckett.
Paul, your wife makes you go on walks during Sox/Yanks games?!?!

Paul, your wife makes you go on walks during Sox/Yanks games?!?
Not ordinarily, but my parents are in town, so I’m also part host. Plus, I find my state of mind is healthier if I force myself to not watch/listen to every inning, especially against the Yankees.

That was definitely my earliest news memory, with the OJ Simpson trial a few years later. Nothing else really happened from 91 to 94, right? I remember the second Clinton election but not the first.

Aflac question: who are the only two players to make postseason appearances for the A’s, Red Sox and Yankees?
Hmm, I can’t think of any.

Looks like all the big-time signabiliy guys were selected early — Purke, Crow, Tate, Turner, Matzek, etc. Everyone thought the Sox would take catcher Max Stassi, but he’s still on the board.

who are the only two players to make postseason appearances for the A’s, Red Sox and Yankees?
Johnny Damon springs immediately to mind.
Alan Embree?

BAH, I thought of Mark Belhorn (who played for all three teams) but he didn’t play in the postseason for Oakland or New York.

Embree didn’t pitch for the Yanks or Oakland in the playoffs.
I can’t believe I missed Damon though. I knew there was one obvious one I was missing.

Tito went up to Beckett in the dugout and told him that he’s done for the night. Not a bad move, considering how long his breaks were in-between innings.
Delcarmen up in the pen.

Bay hit. A Boston player has been hit in every game against the Yanks this year.

Maybe Tito will send him back out there to hit ARod for good measure before pulling him.

It still depresses me to hear the “steroids” chant with ARod at the plate.

The large gaps of time between innings worried Tito, SF. I’d love to see him go 7 innings, but I guess I don’t have a problem with this since we’re up 6-0.

I once had a homeless man ask me for chance, and he looked EXACTLY like Posada–so much so that I did a double-take. Same front teeth, ears, rat-like appearance. I told him I didn’t have any, and he gave me a little pin that said “Smile, someone loves you.”
True story.

Cano down swinging! Curveball from Bard gets him.
Superb win. I had hoped the Sox would take at least one in this series, and it’s good to know they did it tonight and just need to split to win the series.
Beckett seems, well, back to what we had hoped for.

Yes, I understand the rationale, but not the nonchalance. Even if I agree that it might be necessary or a good idea, I might still grimace at the thought. Until tonight that is: I now welcome our new ninth-inning overlord.

Was that a geeky reference there, FSP? Like, the kind you would see on slashdot?!?!

What an awesome day! I think I’m losing my job and the Yankees proved me right. Sox are by far the superior team, no doubt about that. (as if there ever was) Congrats SF’s. I won’t be tuning in tomorrow for Wang giving up about 10 runs in the first inning. I might watch CC, but I doubt it. I think CC and dickhole should watch some tape of Beckett, a true ace, and get a f-ing clue. Teixiera is the only dude on the roster worth a sh-t. I f-cking hate them so much.
Goodnight boys. 2 months until football season.

I am nothing if not for geeky references.
But yeah, other SF’s I’ve talked to who can watch games more frequently are sort of cavalier about the inevitable loss of Papelbon, which has always left me a bit aghast. It’s helpful to finally see why.

from the looks of the wrap sheet on yankees first rounder slade heathcott, he may be jobas lost brother.

I don’t understand why many Sox fans can be so casual about it either FSP, but seeing Bard certainly makes it easier to accept. It sucks, but there it is.
It’s funny to think that the Sox have 5 guys who could be closers in their bullpen: Delcarmen, Okajima, Saito, Papelbon, Bard. Talk about dominance.

Let’s not go overboard. Okajima and Saito don’t belong in that group.
Bard is filthy. Just nasty.
I hate Cashman so much this morning. Just an awful signing. Meanwhile, Phil Hughes sits in the bullpen and they brought Wang back too early. Any idiot can sign the best players available. A decent GM makes good borderline moves. Instead we get $180 million spent on Igawa, Pavano, and Burnett. The worst part is Cashman never came around to see Pavano for what he is. Four more years of this? Good God.

Three straight years of an ERA under 2.61 disagrees with you, Rob. He doesn’t have blinding speed, but you don’t need to when you’ve got great stuff. And as for Saito, he’s already a somewhat established closer with a career ERA just over 2.00. There are plenty of teams who would love to have either closing for them (Angels, Giants, Pirates, Phillies, Diamondbacks, Orioles, Marlins, Tigers, Cubs, Indians, Rays).
I have never been too impressed with Burnett. The man has awesome stuff, but it never seems to translate to healthy success; when he’s great he’s injured, and when he’s healthy he’s average (or he’s in a contract year, in which case he’s both).

To elaborate, their career numbers:
Hideki Okajima: 2.43 ERA, 1.054 WHIP
Brad Lidge: 3.32, 1.233
Trevor Hoffman: 2.73, 1.039
Mariano Rivera: 2.09, 0.989 (as a reliever)
John Smoltz: 2.65, 1.016 (as a reliever)
Joe Nathan: 2.02, 0.949 (as a reliever)
Obviously it’s silly to compare Oki to some of the greats, but from what we’ve seen so far his numbers are very good and he would be an improvement over maybe half of the current closers out there today. Having said that, he seems to be atrocious with inherited runners, though I don’t feel like looking it up.

Let me make myself clear before everyone starts telling me how stupid I am: I’m not saying Okajima is as good as Mariano Rivera, I’m just saying he would be a better closer than half the teams currently have. And don’t put too much stock in his number of blown saves: most of them came from inherited runners, where I admit he’s horrible.

Agree to disagree.
Holy crap. Did anyone know there’s actually a Miyagi, Japan? That’s where Saito’s from.
Still, with the bullpen strength, why didn’t the Sox swap Delcarmen for Nick Johnson? That seems like a fair deal.

I saw that on his baseball-reference page! Makes me want to rewatch Karate Kid, which I haven’t seen in maybe 10 years. Also interesting: apparently Saito’s nickname is “Sammy”.
Not sure Rob, though Manny’s current numbers would make that a great trade for both sides. Johnson is currently making 5.5 mil, but that’s due to go up. Hopefully Papi is out of his slump and we won’t need to pull the trigger on that deal though.

why didn’t the Sox swap Delcarmen for Nick Johnson?
Because that deal never existed. Last I heard, the Nats’ owner/GM/whatever they have over there said there was never any talks with Boston involving Johnson and Delcarmen.
Otherwise, I agree. The Sox should trade MDC for Nick Johnson without a second thought, but I think the Nats, unfortunately, know they could get more than that.

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