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Does that date send chills up your spine? If you're a Red Sox fan, it should. That was the year the Sox got off to their second-worst start ever — 6-19 through their first 25 games. 

It's also the last time the Sox got off to a 2-5 start.

Granted, 2-5 is exactly one game worse than last year's Red Sox were at this point in the season, but in case you were wondering, no Sox team has ever started the season 2-5 or worse and made the playoffs.

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Don’t worry, everyone. I’ve benched Pedroia and Drew for tomorrow, so I expect their bats will finally come alive. Worked for Andre Ethier today, anyway. (Nothing makes me crankier than when both my real life team AND my fantasy team suck simultaneously.)

Lester looked very good in the last four innings he pitched, so I’m somewhat hopeful. The offense though… bleh.

Yep, they went 6-19, still made a solid charge at the Yankees and Orioles, still finished 8 games above .500. It ain’t how you start, it’s just harder to finish high above the water mark if you sink too fast. And this team isn’t going 4-14 over the next 18. Let’s go.

Not sure it will.. it’ll get appealed down to 5 games or 1 start either way, you would think.

if they time it correctly – appeal, then drop the appeal when there is a convenient day off, he wuoldn’t miss a start – that’s probably why they said 6 games. they can work it out so he doesn’t miss one though.
I do think it was a late time out call myself.

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