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1. Zimmer: See ya. He’s

1. Zimmer: See ya. He’s obviously insanely pissed and resentful of Steinbrenner, probably justified in his venom, but seriously, who cares? I am sure the Yankees will be fine without him. I stand by my previous name-calling, he’s a clown. 2. Cashman: Interesting dilemma – he has a great track record, if you count the Series victories that were really Bob Watson and Stick Michael’s, so how do you dump him? A bigger question is whether he has even been making the moves or if the Boss has been calling the shots. If Cashman is just a puppet, and I suspect that he is about a 60% puppet, he’s therefore a scapegoat if canned. One thing that is inarguable: he’s done a horrible job of building a future. 3. Coaches – Rick Down: See ya. Mel Stottlemyre: class guy, clearly fed up with the Boss, a loss if he goes. Mazzilli: out, but how important is a hotheaded and arrogant first base coach? “Back!” and a buttslap can easily be replaced. 4. Giambi: Unmovable (due to health and contract), but in an ideal world would be the first guy I would shop – Nick Johnson should be playing every day, he’s got a chance to be truly stellar (I was a late convert to your claims – you made the call). 5. Pettitte: back, no doubt. I wonder if Theo should make a call, drive the price up, though I think that ultimately hurts him in the short run, inflating the top tier prices (he has to re-sign Lowe and maybe Pedro). 6. Sheffield or Guerrero? Guerrero is apparently a wallflower, and hates New York. Conventional wisdom therefore brings Sheffield here. See #8 below for monkey wrench, positionally speaking. 7. Colon, Vazquez, Maddux? Whoever George wants, George gets, though I see no way that Maddux comes to the AL. Also, let’s chart the salaries for these guys – if I remember correctly you vehemently disagreed with my claims that Colon and/or Vazquez bank at least 10m/year. 8. Soriano/Kaz Matsui: Why wouldn’t the Yankees move Soriano to CF, Bernie to left, Hideki to right, slot Kaz in at second? Again, Matsui is theirs if they want him, such are the economics. 9. Boone: non-tender? Is he that expensive? Is there a better replacement? Is he too fragile to succeed in NYC? It’s a tough call, since he clearly can play somewhere, I am just not sure if it is in New York. Do they sign Matsui and put him at third? Drew Henson? (just kidding).

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