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Last night's score in the Sox' first real spring training game.

Will it also be:

  1. The average score of all Red Sox games during the regular season?
  2. The only runs the Sox will score until 2011?
  3. The ratio this year of Boston sports media articles discussing the lack of a "big bat" to those discussing how great the pitchers are doing?
  4. A shorthand description of Adrian Beltre if he takes another hard shot to the groin while not wearing a cup this season?

We report. You decide. 

2 replies on “2-1”

Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha! So funny! Hahahahahahahahahaha!
Ummm, yeah.
So does YF still bend over (backwards) for SF? Paul still taking sloppy (very sloppy) seconds?
Ahhhhhhh, some things never change! I loooove the interwebs. Hilarity just on the other side of button click.

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