27! Congratulations Yankees, World Series Champs of 2009


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I was close to putting up a celebration post with this exact photo. It’s my favorite I’ve seen. I find it telling that a bunch of players rushed to A-Rod.

Congratulations to the Yankees and their fans. It isn’t the ideal end to an MLB season for me, but this team was the best in the biz this year, and probably by a wide margin.
Off the top of my head, this MetSox fan can single out at least a few reasons to enjoy this moment:
1) Hideki Matsui – I always liked the guy and I hear he put on quite the show tonight.
2) Mariano Rivera – Probably deserves to be elected to the HOF twice. One time for the obvious and again just for the hell of it.
3) It came at the expense of the Phillies.
4) krueg, for pulling off the best long con reverse jinx all season that this world has ever seen and ever will see.
Good season everyone. See you when the Hot Stove gets fired up.

Congrats YF’s. You were the best team all year, and played like it when it mattered most.
There’s a good article about Jeter here, though the opening paragraph is a little weird:
“In and out of spikes, New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter moves like silk billowed by a breeze. Goodness flows all around him.”

Though someone should thank me for not being able to maintain my reverse-jinx through game 6! I had managed to root for the Yankees game 1, come to my senses games 2,3,4 and then really managed to make myself believe that I was rooting for the Yankees game 5. But seeing Pedro on the mound against the Yankees, this SF could not maintain the illusion of rooting for the Yankees and had to go back to rooting for Pedro. Sorry Pedro, my bad!

Congrats krueg, and attackgerbil – you actually made me hate the Yankees less by making the season entertaining even when they were winning. ;-)

Amen, am-SF!
I’m listening to all the calls from the final out, and John Sterling’s is really weak. Even Joe Buck sounds more excited than him. (hope I’m not bringing people down by talking about “negative” stuff)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ATH…nothing could bring us down at this point!
You guys are some really cool SF’s and that why this website is so killer. We’re like brothers that argue and bicker but at the end of the day we are a family. I know it can’t be easy to watch the Yankees win, but you all are gentleman and scholars!!!
It’s been so fun everyone and thanks a lot for putting up with my “unique fandom”!

Thanks Krueg!
A fellow Sox fan of mine told me how this was sort of a good thing for the Red Sox. He said that he had almost started feeling sorry for the Yankees, and that them winning this year is sort of like the two fanbases renewing their vows for the rivalry.

(Late) congratulations, Yankee fans. Certainly the best team in baseball this year. Maybe the postseason isn’t such a crapshoot after all …
We Sox fans will wait till next year.

Congrats guys, you’re possibly the only Yankees fans I can stand and so therefore you are the only ones I will congratulate.
10:00am meeting with Yankees fan client, who’s ass I have to kiss, was BRUTAL this morning.
The best team won, see you next season.

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