48 Hours

2 days.  2880 minutes. It’s the time left before I get back to the United States.   Much will happen in those 48 hours, even though only approximately 16% of them will be contested by our Yanks and Sox.  It could be the time left in the Sox’ season and the time left until the Yankees clinch the division, or the time until the Yankees stare at elimination with just Sunday’s game to play. It’s approximately the time left in my 37th year, easily the best I have ever had (the Sox as champs and the arrival of Soxbaby Isaac, in ascending order of wonderfulness).   Here’s hoping it’s just the first 48 hours of an additional 480 or so for the Sox, and 2/3 of all that those dastardly Yankees have left.

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  • what’s the weather like in Baltimore and Boston. Are we getting these games in tonight?

    Nick September 29, 2005, 12:59 pm

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