500 Club: Marlins-Sox Gamer II

It’s hard to believe that the Red Sox tonight are celebrating their 500th consecutive shutout sellout(wow, you’d think we would have heard more about that one!), a streak that more or less — and not coincidentally — matches the tenure of Theo Epstein as general manager.

It’s a tremendous feat, of course, but not nearly as wonderful as the other feat Epstein wrought as GM: the two world’s championships for which we should be forever grateful. Sometimes, it still doesn’t seem real. Thanks, Theo. Thanks, Tito. Thanks, everybody.

Comment away on all the action as the Marlins challenge the Sox in Game 2 of this set.

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  • I dunno, what’s Fenway’s capacity now, something like 39,000? I wonder what the record is for teams selling 39,000 tickets a game.

    AndrewYF June 17, 2009, 7:21 pm
  • Penny walked into that one, eh?

    Lar June 17, 2009, 7:23 pm
  • 500th consecutive shutout? Why don’t they have a better record then?!

    SF June 17, 2009, 7:38 pm
  • Haha, for some reason I thought I saw that, but then thought it was just me. If true, it’s a record that no one will ever break, haha..

    Lar June 17, 2009, 7:41 pm
  • Haha, a truly impressive streak.

    Paul SF June 17, 2009, 7:54 pm
  • Sox hitting the ball hard this inning, and Ortiz is right in the middle of it. He’s quite the force hitting in the lower part of the order.

    Paul SF June 17, 2009, 7:57 pm
  • I have such a bad feeling about this game, I’m shocked to see we’re leading at the moment….

    rootbeerfloat June 17, 2009, 7:59 pm
  • …and Brad Penny has something special going on.

    Paul SF June 17, 2009, 8:05 pm
  • Oh wait, no he doesn’t. The Marlins got a hit while I was distracted.

    Paul SF June 17, 2009, 8:06 pm
  • Meanwhile, the pesky (g)Nats are giving the Yankees a little trouble again tonight.

    Hudson June 17, 2009, 8:48 pm
  • Quiet ’round these parts tonight. You’d think we were the second-place team and losing 4-1.

    Paul SF June 17, 2009, 8:50 pm
  • I love Nick Green. He’s really living the dream. Every good game we get from him is a bonus.

    Paul SF June 17, 2009, 8:50 pm
  • Papi has reached twice (single, walk) and scored both times.

    Hudson June 17, 2009, 8:53 pm
  • Penny is already at 100 pitches through 5 innings, despite giving up only 3 hits (must be the 4 walks). I wonder if Tito will send him out again with someone warming, to save the pen a bit.

    Hudson June 17, 2009, 8:56 pm
  • (Correction, Papi’s hit was a double off the wall. And he just grounded out.)

    Hudson June 17, 2009, 8:57 pm
  • I would guess he’ll come back out. Though he did give up a couple shots last inning. Saved by some great D from the much- (and rightly so) maligned left side.

    Paul SF June 17, 2009, 8:58 pm
  • * is not the manager.

    Paul SF June 17, 2009, 8:59 pm
  • Joe C makes an astounding point: Most of these Red Sox, including Terry Francona, have never seen a game at Fenway without a sellout crowd…

    Paul SF June 17, 2009, 9:18 pm
  • Nope, Penny was pulled, Masterson handled the sixth, Oki on for the seventh.

    Hudson June 17, 2009, 9:18 pm
  • Jacoby makes it 5-1 to lead off the bottom of the 7th with a solo shot.

    Hudson June 17, 2009, 9:25 pm
  • Just got home to see Ellsbury go yard. Sweet.
    Penny really increasing his trade value…

    Atheose June 17, 2009, 9:30 pm
  • Wow, horribly strikezone for Kiki Colero.

    Atheose June 17, 2009, 9:57 pm
  • The (g)Nats just eked out a win against the Yanks, 3-2.

    Hudson June 17, 2009, 9:59 pm
  • Kiko has thrown 22 pitches, only 6 for strikes. Then Pedro squeaks a single up the middle, and Varitek is out at home by a trip from the catcher.

    Atheose June 17, 2009, 10:05 pm
  • Another game ahead of the Yanks? YEAH BABY!

    Atheose June 17, 2009, 10:22 pm
  • 3 games up!

    Hudson June 17, 2009, 10:23 pm
  • Andrew’s comments are so mean-spirited sometimes.

    Devine June 18, 2009, 12:08 am
  • Andrew’s comments are so mean-spirited sometimes.
    He’s just unhappy because the Yanks can’t score 3 runs against the Nationals.

    Atheose June 18, 2009, 7:09 am
  • It is hilarious that the Marlins, twice WS winners since 1997, draw less than 17k at home, worst in the game. They play in front of an average of almost 30k away. Coming home to an empty house? Come to Portland, Marlins! We can ignore you at home games at least as well as Florida can. (Except I will take out a fourth mortgage for season tickets.)

    attackgerbil June 18, 2009, 12:02 pm
  • The stadium is one reason for that AG: it rains pretty much daily in south Florida, so they really need that indoor stadium. Eckersley last night was talking about how the teams routinely have to skip batting practice because the grounds crew is working to soak up the rain from earlier in the afternoon. That’s ridiculous.
    And the next city to get an MLB team (or football, or basketball) is Las Vegas, easily ;-)

    Atheose June 18, 2009, 12:36 pm