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The Bombers are up 2-0 thanks to ARod's 600th home run of his career.

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damn, i can’t believe i missed it…out mowing the lawn…forgot the early start…i’m sure i’ll see the replay 100 times…

or 10000000 times, dc.
hehe…your estimate is probably more accurate than mine…how many times do you think they’ll include the roids disclaimer?…my guess, every time…not that he doesn’t deserve that treatment…
i’d guess i’d just do away with records altogether…live ball-dead ball, amphetamines-roids, high mound-low mound, irregular park dimensions and effects, night baseball-day baseball, better conditioning and equipment…how can we really compare numbers between eras…maybe babe ruth is still the greatest home run hitter of all time despite the numbers that have and may still follow…

brett favre….geez…what a drama queen…as a jet fan i can say, thanks for nothing brett…and leave it to espn to continue to feed his ego by running the “story” incessantly…you’d think they’d learned their lesson from the lebron fiasco…these 2 egomanics have been the top stories in the midst of a baseball season that has provided some records, some good pennant races, but the self-proclaimed “world-wide leader in sports has decided 2 sports that are not in season are the most important thing to talk about…i think espn’s programming decisions and hype machine for other sports has as much to do with the dampening of interest for baseball as any other theory…i’m not saying they have an obligation to talk more about baseball, and they are certainly covering it, but the emphasis on football and lebron causes me to watch a lot less…i used to call espn the “tiger woods and terrell owens” network, but i guess they’re not quite as interesting as they used to be…

> i’d guess i’d just do away with records altogether.
I agree that the whole “watershed” concept should go away.
> maybe babe ruth is still the greatest
Maybe. Sure would have been great to see him and Josh Gibson face the same pitchers.

“Josh Gibson”
point taken gerb…i guess i was sticking to what we know as the “official” major leagues of baseball, but i get your drift…my list of differences in the game was not intended to be a complete one, but we could certainly add the exclusion of certain players in the early days as an obvious impact on the record books…

i could also have added that some ballplayers gave some of their prime baseball years in the service of their country…way more important than 600 homers…

It’s all bullshit Yankee-hating…let’s be honest. Like you guys said, no one was completely 100% clean in everyway. Maybe Hank Aaron?
If ARod were on Boston, LAA, LAD, Minny, etc. all of those fanbases would be cheering from the rooftops. It is what it is.

you have a point krueg…but, i think it’s much deeper than the fact arod is now a yankee, and therefore hatable…he’s just not a very likeable guy with or without the ped admission, or taking into account the “pinstripe effect”…i still get very uncomfortable when he speaks, although lately he must be taking image and speech lessons from his captain…i think the whole ped thing though is what sunk him ultimately in terms of non-yankee fans getting excited about this milestone…we’d be hypocrites to bash bonds, macguire, and sosa, but give arod a pass…this is why i’m personally going to [try to] de-emphasize “records”…i’ve decided that they don’t mean a thing to me, and they don’t really tell me anything anyway…they’ve become interesting footnotes…is mickey mantle any less a feared home run hitter because he didn’t break the record?…is mark macguire a better home run hitter than mantle?…like football proposing to go from 16 to 18 games…once upon a time they played 12 games…how can they compare what happened in 12 games with what can happen in 16, or now possibly 18?…changes to a sport over time greatly distorts the records and comparison of them…it gets especially murky when the changes involve cheating…so, i’m not going to bother anymore…all i care about today’s game is that a distraction was removed, and we won the game…

I completely disagree. While ARod can be a douche, he is an amazing player. The majority of the hate I’m hearing today is the same BS we hear all the time. If ARod were on Boston, Sox fans would be willing to fight over the guy, Minny would name a street after him…etc, etc, etc.

Can we talk about our 40 year old closer who is having an all-time great season for a reliever? 0.63 WHIP? I feel like that has to be up there.
And we’re all sick of talking about A-Rod anyway, right?

I’m just sick of the transparent hate of the guy…is he really worth hating in this world, at this point? A baseball player? Really? Has he killed or hurt anyone? Is he ruining the country or starting wars? It’s getting really old which brings me back to my original point…it’s really Yankee-hating more than anything. Which equals jealousy in most cases.

While I am in no way naive re: the imbalances and different kinds of cheating that happened in other eras, this is the era during which I became a baseball fan and the HR record was for most of my life among the greatest records in all sports – up there with career hits, career wins for pitchers, career touchdowns and career yards gained in footbal, number of majors won in golf and tennis, etc. and I’m really pretty saddened by the degree to which the steroid era has made the HR mark next to meaningless.
Because I am a product of this particular era, I’ve gotten used to looking at the pitching stats from guys who played 80 years ago and simply not expecting the modern player to match them for a whole host of reasons too numerous to mention here. I have not gotten used to watching a guy climb the career HR list and just shrugging it off. And yet I don’t have it in me to lie to myself either and pretend that the marches of Sosa, Palmeiro, McGwire, Bonds, and, yes, A-Rod up that list hold anything like the excitement and drama that they would have before 1995 and that makes me sad as a fan.
I’m still impressed as hell by A-Rod’s accomplishments – and do get bothered by the many haters that persist – but the amosphere that existed (through willful ignorance, I admit) when Sosa and McGwire were battling out for most HR in a season is completely and utterly gone for me. And I don’t think it will be back in my lifetime even if Albert Pujols hits 800 HRs and is never implicated in anything. And that just sucks in my humble opinion.

> battling out for most HR in a season is completely and utterly gone for me
Me too. That’s the beauty of the situation. There are far more interesting sets of numbers to roll around in my noodle.

On a related note – well, perhaps not – the Twins have just handed the Rays two pretty devastating home losses in a row. What a shame. :)
Last night the Rays survived 8 shutout innings by Twins starter Scott Baker, tying the game at 1-1 off the Twins’ recently acquired closer Matt Capps in the bottom of the 9th, only to ultimately lose the game in the 13th.
Today, the Rays made an even more impressive comeback in the bottom of the 8th. Down 6-0 they tied the game on a rally capped by a grand slam by Willy Aybar only to have the Twins come right back in the top of the 9th and ultimately beat Tampa Bay 8-6, taking the series.
Yanks are back in first by half a game heading into a 4-game set with Boston that is hugely important for the Red Sox. I’ll be there for Beckett-Burnett on Sunday, trying decide whether to root for AJ or throw something at him. If I decide on the latter at least I know that if he tried to retaliate he’d almost certainly miss me entirely.

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