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7/21: O’s-Yanks Gamer

That’s not the date. That’s the over-under on the number of pitchers used and number of runs scored by both teams today.

Boston native and Red Sox fan Rich Hill has faced the Yankees one time in his career, when he came on to face Tino and Cano in 2005 for his second appearance in the bigs. After four years with the Cubs, he went to the Orioles for a PTBNL and is having a rough go this year, including giving up 23 runs over his last 19 innings, spanning four starts and one relief appearance since his last win. The Yankees showcase Sergio Mitre. Maybe someone should get up in the pen now.

Lineups follow, comment away.

B. Roberts 2b .279
A. Jones cf .304
N. Markakis rf .291
A. Huff 1b .257
L. Scott dh .294
M. Mora 3b .267
N. Reimold lf .265
M. Wieters c .244
C. Izturis ss .257
R. Hill 7.22
NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .318
J. Damon lf .279
M. Teixeira 1b .280
A. Rodriguez dh .250
J. Posada c .282
N. Swisher rf .235
R. Cano 2b .305
M. Cabrera cf .278
C. Ransom 3b .176
S. Mitre NA

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There’s an argument to be made for starting Ransom with the groundballer. But then there’s a better argument for Ramiro Pena. At least they have no illusions about Hinske being a 3B. But then that makes exactly zero sense why Berroa was on the team for two+ months.

It makes no sense why Ransom or Flusher or on the team…they both suck.
Pena is sweet…
0-1. That was easy. CUT MITRE’S SORRY-ASS!!!! Mid-game…

Second pitch = move the runner to third.
Third pitch = runner scores.
You’re speaking for me tonight, krueg.

Fifth pitch = ball
Sixth pitch = ball
Seriously, they’ve done absolutely nothing for two weeks with Hughes and knowing that Wang would be out for at least a month.
I just threw up in my mouth.

EASY 1-2-3 inning for the mighty Yankees…it was fun being in 1st place for a day again…

Trade what? And for a lesser pitcher than Hughes? No thanks.
Let Aceves and Marte take the 8th. Robertson and Coke get the 7th. Guys like Melancon and Bruney can also work themselves into the mix. Hughes is too valuable to waste in short stints.

Have you seen the guys you are talking about pitch bro??? No one besides Ace has shown the ability to handle the 8th…Hughes EXCELS in the 8th. Ace can take the 7th, Coke for lefties. Marte is horrible. Robertson is nothing. Melancon is nothing and don’t even get me started on Proctor, I mean Farnsworth, I mean Bruney…
MEE-tre gets out of the 2nd with no damage…nice.

P.S. That’s the beauty of being the Yankees…send some 2nd rate prospect of two, ala last years trade with Pittsburgh and take on Washburns entire salary…trade done.

22.2 IP, 34 K, 16 BB
He can get the job done.
Hughes is too good to use for only three innings a week.

You trust that kid Rob? Seriously? I’m not saying he isn’t decent or that I don’t like him…I’m just saying.
8th inning, ALCS in Boston, game 7 with a 1 run lead in the 7th or 8th and you want Robertson in the game???

you want Robertson in the game
It depends. That could easily be Joba too. They’re not going to put both Joba and Hughes in the post-season rotation. They should, but they won’t. So for that situation, that leaves Aceves and Joba (and Coke too) ahead of Robertson if they do the right thing with Hughes.
Even still, both Melancon and Robertson have been very good in the minors:
Melancon: 142 IP, 2.28 ERA, 0.96 WHIP, 8.7 K/9
Robertson: 152 IP, 1.30 ERA, 0.95 WHIP, 12.7 K/9
There’s no reason to think that success can’t translate and soon. For Robertson it already has. A year ago how much faith did you have in Aceves or Coke?

I’ve ALWAYS loved Ace…he is the man.
Joba and Hughes should be in the pen for the playoffs. You know Pettitte will get rocked in the playoffs so both of them will go more than one inning when Andy gets yanked in the 3rd inning of a playoff game…

P.S. we saw Melancon already and he got rocked…showed next to nothing. Not to see he won’t be good, but he isn’t right now it would seem.

OK…MEE-tre gets out of the inning with only 1 more run and a couple K’s. Not bad I guess…of course I expect a 2 hit shutout from every starter, every game so…

If both Joba and Hughes are in the pen, who starts Games 3 and 4? Pettitte and ….? If they run it like that, they deserve to lose.

Game 1- CC
Game 2- AJ
Game 3- Pettitte
Game 4- CC
Game 5- AJ
Game 1- CC
Game 2- AJ
Game 3- Pettitte
Game 4- ???
Game 5- CC
Game 6- AJ
Game 7- CC/???

Wait, you answer my question with ????
Short of Halladay, who’s better than Hughes that could start that Game 4?

Odd-year A-Rod is back!
And Joba will not be in the bullpen come playoff time. They have a plan in place for him, and it probably involves skipping a few of his starts in September if he is indeed nearing his innings limit, which is probably a bit higher than the 150 which was bandied about. Pettitte is a fine fourth starter in the playoffs, although he’ll probably be number three due to pedigree and experience. That’s not a rotation that deserves to lose, don’t be so morose.

And who do you trade to get Washburn assuming he’s available? They’re not going to take a pu pu platter especially since they’re in their own race.

Game 1- CC
Game 2- AJ
Game 3- Pettitte
Game 4- Washburn
Game 5- CC
Game 1- AJ
Game 2- Pettitte
Game 3- CC
Game 4- Washburn
Game 5- AJ
Game 6- Pettitte
Game 7- CC

Sorry, Andrew, but Pettitte gets by on smoke and mirrors. That’s not something I want to depend on in October.
More problematic for your path – who starts when they skip Joba? If not Hughes, the choices are Mitre and Igawa and ….?

The Yankees are not trading anyone significant for Washburn. So, they won’t get him. It’s okay.
Plus, why are we discussing or even thinking about the playoffs in July? Karmic retribution can be swift, you know.

Pettitte does not get by on smoke and mirrors. If he’s on, he’s a darn good pitcher. The problem for him this year is not stuff, it’s consistency.
And you’re not relying on Pettitte. He’s your number 3 starter. No playoff team relies on their number 3 starter in the playoffs, they rely on their top two guys. Sometimes their top 1 guy. Those at the top matter much, much, much more than those in the middle. It’s not a ‘weak link’ scenario, it’s a ‘who’s at the top’ scenario.
I really don’t see what you’re even complaining about. Who is an upgrade from Pettitte that’s out there? The Yankees aren’t getting Bedard, or Halladay, or Lee. Guys like Washburn (who relies much more on smoke and mirrors by the way, and a humongous ballpark to boot) are a lateral move at best.

kreug, the issue is the Yankees, rightly, don’t want to give up decent prospects for Washburn. Plus, it’s not really a salary dump, he’s a free agent at the end of this year.

Wow…winning with Ransom in the lineup. Can anyone explain why he’s on the team still? Saw where the Moroners DFA’d Jpsh Wilson. At least he can pitch, if needed, besides playing the other 8 spots.

The next three starters are AJ, CC and a hopefully rejuvenated Joba. Winning this game could mean a really nice win streak. The Yankees seem to have a lot of those this year.

Just got home. Good to see the Yanks bats wake up at the right time, with Mitre pitching.
And they’re going with a speedier lineup (maybe) to run on Weiters a bit too. C’mon Jeter, pad the lead! We might need it!

Hey, Ransom’s done good things tonight. He may be the worst player in baseball behind Angel Berroa, but give him a break, come on. Pena will be back up soon enough.

Jeter worked a walk, and Damon singles off the wall for another run. Almost went out too.
Teixiera hits one to right field, not too deep, and Jeter is thrown out. Pretty good throw.

Maybe future Hughes or future Joba, but to be honest, I don’t trust current Hughes or Joba, at least as a starter..
That said, they got to get innings in, one way or another..

Roberts singles, but can’t blame Mitre for that one.. it was at his ankles or so and Roberts dumped it into RF..

…Joba’s already in the rotation. And if you don’t trust Aceves or Bruney, who holds late leads with any kind of consistency?
Besides, Hughes might be an upgrade over Pettitte. The cost of finding that out is getting rid of your most effective reliever.

Are we talking about playoffs or now? I just got back, so I’m confused, haha..
I would go CC, AJ, AP to start off..
Damnit Wang, I miss you so! Well, the guy from two years ago anyhow..

I do trust Aceves and most of the others.
Hughes is an upgrade.
Still, who fills in for Joba? And if they’re not careful, they’ll have no choice.

Rob, I love you bro but we cannot see into the future…who knows what’s going to happen. I guess we’ll find out in 2 weeks? I wouldn’t put it past the Yankees to get Halladay…

The future isn’t categorical. Some things are more likely than others, and we can determine the directionality. That’s what makes baseball special. We knew Swisher wouldn’t sustain his start. Nor Damon his. We knew Teixeira would come around and so would Hughes.

We also knew that crappy pitchers get hammered the third time through a decent lineup.

Yeah…but you are talking about statistics. Now we’re talking about future trades. Totally different…
Bottom line? We are playing well. Let’s agree on that. (except Damon in LF…he is steadily becoming a liability)

Mitre gave a decent 5.2 innings, as the bats came alive at the right time. Bullpen time.

Melky didn’t get the memo, and swung at a bad 3-1 pitch. Bah. Double play ball, but throw wide at first, no error, but now Ransom is up.

Jeter K’s. Not very clutch that time.. only needed a groundball to get a run in.
JD up.

The Yanks could not take advantage of two men ISP and one out. Let’s hope the O’s do not make them pay..

Another sick defensive play by Tex…the guy is an animal. Unassisted DP and we are up 2 going into the bottom of the 8th.

Jeter with the sick catch to win the game…
0.5 game lead in the division!!!! ALL ALONE IN 1ST!!!! BACK WHERE WE BELONG!!!! At least for a few minutes…time to switch to the Rangers game…

Just arrived at LAX. Nice scoreboard(s). Feels like years and years since we’ve been in sole possession. Rays surging too. Nice to get past the Mitre-spot in the rotation with a win. Let’s move from chasing to building fast Yanks! We need at least a 10-game cushion over Boston if we’re going to survive an 0-18 record against them for the regular season…

Why is the ESPN headline?:
“BoSox cede first in AL East”.
At least we know where their priorities lie.

Nice Rob…I was thinking the same thing.
They have really come out of the AS Break on fire…let’s sweep these fools today and then open up a can on the A’s. We need to stay in 1st until the Sox come to the Bronx for “The Series”!!!
My SF buddies here at work are REAL quiet today…funny how that works. Long way to go though.

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