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A Case Of The Runs: Royals-Sox Gamer

Fast -n- furious scoring is the name of the game at Fenway.  Comment away.

6 replies on “A Case Of The Runs: Royals-Sox Gamer”

Granny for Papi, been a while since he’s hit a home run. The 4 RBIs give him 1000 in a Sox uniform. 10 runs should be enough for Lackey, though he has settled down after that terrible 1st.

Salty is turning out to be a good catcher. With Lavarnway tearing up AAA (OPS 1.174 in 147ABs), maybe 1 more year of Salty/Tek combo, then Tek can retire and Lavarnway can come up and back up Salty or if he continues to tear it up in AAA and he doesn’t become trade bait, could be our starting catcher in 2013.

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