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A Damn Shame

As you probably have already heard, brilliant young Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg is going under the knife.  Take a step back and a deep breath before you blowtorch me.  Then, tell me why steroids under the direction of a "medical professional" are a bad idea.

Boston's in St. Pete while the Yanks visit the south side of Chicago.

Comment away.

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Don’t make me wipe that smug off your face.
Hey, remember when the Sox rotation was in shambles and the Yankees was reigning supreme this season? Let’s live in that moment for a bit. Mmm…

4.5 doesn’t sound so bad. for this club to still be competitive at this point is a testament to tito francona.
can cc start all three games in a short series?

Relax, guys! I just posted the moment the Sox game was over, happy that Papelbon had not given it away, allowing us to make up a little ground just for once after so many lost chances.
I well know the Sox are in third place and may remain there. It might be back to 5.5 GB again as early as Saturday night, so why not give us that brief Friday moment at the start of an important series?
I also realize it’s the YFs prerogative to bitch about AJ, but don’t tell me you’re happy with him right now. Nevertheless, excuse my brief digression into Schadenfreude …

the sox ability to hang around is equal parts their manager and the toughness of the guys that aren’t injured, and that neither the yankees or rays have that killer instinct…for the “best teams in baseball”, they sure do have a lot of flaws…
aj burnett? 9-12 5.17era 1.5whip
worse numbers? 3 [more years] $16.5m per
i dunno about cc pitching every playoff game rod, but i’d consider it…right now, i’d settle for having andy back…
as for the original topic of the post, i get your point ag…frankly, the main reason steroids, or hgh, whatever, are evil is because of questions about their legality, and that varies by country…anabolic steroids for example are classified as a controlled substance in the us, so possession without a legit prescription is a federal crime…mlb and others ban their use, period…the side effects are an issue too, but that could be managed by a medical professional, to use your term…i’m not saying i agree or disagree, but it’s a shame what happened to this kid…i just don’t see baseball making an exception for him…where would they draw the line?

Why couldn’t they make PED’s legal, as long as they are prescribed by a team doctor in terms of helping speed up recovery from injury? Everyday people are prescribed HGH and steroids for injuries, why not athletes?

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