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A Tripod View of “Yankee Universe” With Three Broken Legs And Ugly Shoes

Filip Bondy draws a map surveying the core of the Yankee Universe.

“The Yankees have been a brilliant, cohesive unit this season, but really they are three teams masquerading as one.”

Brilliant and cohesive in a disjointed, subversive way?

“They are the young kids, like Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain, on their first winning joyride.”

Toss out the dismissive attitude (and redundant phrasing) when talking about two players who have been up and down to the bigs for three years aside and consider that Hughes and Chamberlain both made the post season roster in 2007. More importantly, each has had media scrutiny unlike what any player usually receives by this point in their career and have spent most of their lives winning, often brilliantly, as pitchers for teams that generally win more often than not. How interesting would it be to read an interview with Phil Coke, Brett Gardner, David Robertson, or Francisco Cervelli, who have no major-league playoff experience in their short (and far-less covered) careers until last week? Or if you want to be a bit more tongue-in-cheek when penning a flip phrase like “winning joyride”, go ask Jerry Hairston about making the playoffs for the first time after 12 well-traveled years in the bigs, or Alfredo Aceves being a relative late-comer to the game of baseball and what his life was like coming through the Mexican League before getting a minor league contract at age 25, finding himself pitching on the biggest stage a year later. Never mind, that’s too much work. Instead, just throw a double-hook barb for no good reason:

“They are the veteran mercenaries, like A.J. Burnett and Johnny Damon, having a good-old, pie-faced time, with one eye on the paycheck.”

Back that bus up just to make sure you roll over a few other names while swerving to squash Damon and Burnett while driving this article. Why no mention of ARod? Tex? Swisher? CC? Pettitte mentions Sabathia when talking about this ‘core concept’, saying, “it’s just as sweet for me to see CC, Joba..” As an aside, it is curious that Pettitte gets a pass for his detour through Houston as a free agent. Maybe it’s because that canny bit of self-interest brought the Yankees the draft pick that landed Hughes. Anyway, instead of just letting Pettitte’s statement of camaraderie stand (and throw out this hogwash idea for an article), twist it like soft-serve:

“So they embrace the change, as they must.”

I have no idea what that means in any way whatsoever.

“And, of course, they are the Core Four – Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera.”

Three of those “core four” are the highest-compensated players at their positions in the Major Leauges. But because they are “core Yankees”, they keep both eyes on the prize. And should they bring it back to the Bronx, it shall be more theirs than anyone else on the other two teams?

“The Core Four are tearing up October again, turning it into their own private senior community. It can’t last forever, we keep worrying. For now, it’s still great fun to watch.

It very well may be great fun, despite each word in that article doing its sincere best to ruin it.

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Was this written with contributions from our very own SF’s or something????
I’m trying no to let all the haters ruin the playoffs, but man they are out in force again. It was brutal Friday night at the bar…got it from all sides. I’m too old to go around knocking out teeth so I need to thicken that skin…
How do gerbils get such thick skin I wonder? Ironhorses are sefl-explanatory…I need some iron.

Heheh Brad, I agree, that the “stingiest.”
And the “stinkiest” is wrapping metaphor as truth to get someone to go to church.

AG, excellent tearing apart of the Bondy piece. Perhaps the most frustrating thing about many sports writers is the sense that they don’t actually follow the team. Essentially, my dad, who is a Mets fan and checked out of baseball somewhere in June, could have written this article. It’s the laziness that annoys me the most. Well that and the knee-jerk cynicism.

So…I’m bored waiting for this epic clash. Looks like the weather is going to be horrible this weekend. That sucks. Maybe the muddy infield can hold down the Halo’s running game?
3 days and counting…unless it gets freezing rained out! NOOOOOOOOO
p.s. Hey AG, the Sabres starting out strong brother..but OH WAIT, Vanek goes down last night after scoring 2 goals. Typical. We’re cursed. :(

thanks for pointing out this piece of shi* to us ag…i read the piece first…my reaction was, huh?…then i read your review of it…nice job…look, the writers are bored…nothing going on until friday…and, being a yankee writer this season must have been boring as hell, once the spring arod drama died down…the closest thing we had to a controversy was AJ/jorge, which climaxed with jorge saying that he wasn’t happy about not starting…even that was blown way out of proportion…jeter was even quoted as saying it would be “wierd” to see molina and not jorge behind the plate…ooooooo…gee derek, are you willing to go on the record with that inflammatory comment?…can we say that you insinuated a lack of faith in girardi’s judgement?, please?…these yankees are an enigma because as a group they seem to get along, a departure from the old bronx zoo days, which many writers seem to want to drag us back to…and they’re not the gang from the late ’90’s even though 4 players and the manager remain from that group…bondy’s not alone in not knowing how to “read” this team…i guess winning cures a lot of stuff and keeps the second-guessers at bay…and girardi appears more confident and relaxed, no bullcrap from the ownership…hank, hal, bueller?…are you out there?…cough or something so we know you’re ok…no, for a media that absolutely thrives on controversy, real or imagined or just made up, these yankees are a real bore…i love it…

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