A Yanksfan Goes to Fenway


For the Red Sox we have infinite distaste, but it’s hard not to love the rickety old bandbox the team from Boston calls home. Jury-rigged, lived in, rough in all the right ways, it’s got an old-school, crotchety aura that can be imitated but not reproduced. We had the pleasure to give a talk in the .406 Club this morning—our identity safely hidden—and to then take a tour of the joint while the place was pretty much empty. After the jump, what we saw before heading back to Gotham….


The view from the .406 Club is pretty sweet. But don’t get used to it. That glass is thankfully coming down, and a two tiered section will be inserted.


Fenway: better without Sox fans.


Your name here.


Don’t get used to this either, Sox fans. That lead’s gotten a whole lot smaller in the last 12 hours.

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  • Great pics. Conversely, I would say that Yankee Stadium, unlike YF’s snide take on Fenway, is much better with fans: it means that on any given day there are 50K fewer vitriolic, entitled, sub-mental clowns wandering the streets of the city in which I live!

    SF September 16, 2005, 9:23 am
  • Submentals! The sliding Sox have SF in a nasty mood. But he’s right in one thing: jokes aside, stadiums look better with fannies in the seats, regardless of their orientation.

    YF September 16, 2005, 9:59 am

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