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About Freaking Time

Mike Cameron is on the DL with an abdominal tear, and Josh Reddick is up to play center field, about one week too late.

That's all I have to say about this awful, terrible, no-good season thus far.

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Wow – if they have Reddick play CF while Cameron is out, then they must really not like Ellsbury’s defense there.
Can’t wait to see the outfield alignment for when Drew sits out. Yikes.
Then again – the injury to Cameron could explain his defensive woes thus far…cold comfort though.

I think the thought-process is that they want Ellsbury to get used to Left Field, since Cameron will be back in center when he eventually returns.
It’s ironic that Drew is our healthiest outfielder so far. Knock on wood.

Well, Ellsbury’s still out and looks to be for a while longer. If he wasn’t, then muddling through with Ells in center and Hermida in left wouldn’t be a problem, but he is, which makes this week’s delay all the more befuddling. Bill Hall playing three games in five days in center field? Dumb.

Good thing they waited on Ellsbury, they clearly didnt need extra healthy players over the last few days. This was clearly a mistake by the FO

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