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Aces High: Sox-Jays Gamer

Lester/Halladay.  Comment here.

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Great start so far by Lester and the offense. Though Halladay will probably settle down…

Wtf, nonexistant strikezone against Rios too. Varitek has a few words with him, and so does Farrell/Tito.

Gotta show those umpires who’s boss. These are the Boston Red Sox, never has one ever struck out looking legitimately.

I just feel it’s a little unseemly for Red Sox to be ‘having words’ with the umpire so early in the game, and for borderline calls that aren’t obvious at all. Even some on SOSH believe the umpire is doing fine.

Well in the first inning the umpire had a generous strikezone for both Halladay and Lester. Then in the 2nd it suddenly disappears. Is inconsistency late in the game worse than inconsistency right out of the gate?

In the umpire’s defense, the strikezone was tiny for Halladay there in the 3rd inning.

Exactly Andrew; the strikezone is inconsistent. Check most of the gamers I comment on; I’m vocal about inconsistent strikezones, even when it helps the Sox.

Woah, weird call. Rios steals 2nd, but the umpire interfered with Varitek’s throw. Tek’s elbow caught the ump in the face, so Rios is sent back to first.
Haven’t seen that before.

Holy crap, what a game from Halladay. He breezed through the last 6 innings, facing one batter over the minimum.

Joba hitting 96, 97 in the 6th, with pinpoint control. Anyone who says Joba doesn’t have the ‘stamina’ to start is full of it.

Yeah Atheose – I’m still trying to interpret that one…
Halladay’s performance just reinforces how nice it will be to see him hopefully in another division and possibly even league. He pumps strikes like no other. The guy has thrown 69% of his 1,862 pitches this year for strikes. (By comparison for YFs and SFs, Beckett has thrown 65% of his 1,921 pitches for strikes and CC has thrown 64% of his 2,102 pitches for stirkes.) He has been particularly marksman-like lately – against Tampa Bay in the game before yesterday’s masterpiece he threw 83 STRIKES (not pitches) out of 109 total – or 76% strikes. Yesterday he threw 74% stirkes (78 of 105).
And at home he’s ridiculous – over the 10 games he has pitched at the Rogers Center he has a K/BB ratio of – get this – 10.6. That would be a fantastic figure for a reliever let alone a starter. Good riddance Roy – you are scary good.

Halladay’s performance just reinforces how nice it will be to see him hopefully in another division and possibly even league.
Geez this is true. I can’t wait to see him gone.

Obviously I should have noted that K:BB is not sufficient since every hit is also considered a thrown strike…Halladay simply pounds the K-zone constantly and in ways that guys simply can’t get good wood on the ball.

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