Actually, the Sox/A’s series is

Actually, the Sox/A’s series is so tough to call. First, you have Pedro pitching two games. He’s only made one start against the A’s this year, so no real history. But, Pedro is nothing but confidence-inspiring. Then you have Lowe, who has been excellent the last two months (much like last year) but his persona seems a tad fragile – what happens at the first sign of trouble? Then the three spot, and who the hell knows – is it Suppan (a disappointment since the trade) or Wakefield (schizophrenic, he’s either unhittable or BP)? On the other hand, the A’s throw out Hudson and Zito 1/2, not exactly slouches. The A’s are home, a huge advantage for them. But, they seem thinner this year, offensively – Guillen is hurt, the bottom 1/3 of the lineup is just not that intimidating. Really tough series to predict, but my heart (and Pedro pitching twice) lead me to lean Sox in 5. Thoughts?

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