Ad Age

This is a link to a story at about MLB’s plans for on-base advertising that is just appalling. When is enough advertising enough? Will the base spit out gooey webs when it gets stepped on?

Other possible tie-ins:

1. Rick Helling changes name to Rick Van Helsing
2. Derek Jeter gives up his Yankees road grays for a form-fitting Superman jersey.
3. Red Sox paint Green Monster completely white after cutting deal with Steve Jobs to sponsor new 40 gigabyte Ipod.
4. Yankees change offical team name to “New York Lords of the Rings” to tie in with “Return of the King” DVD release.

When will it end…

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  • Yank brass are making a stink about the Spiderman logos. Bravo!

    JCL (YF) May 6, 2004, 10:08 am