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After last night’s debacle (Yankee

After last night’s debacle (Yankee Stadium security policy, that is, not Roger’s BEAUTIFUL effort), I thought I would point out one more reason why Boston is a smarter city: Fenway Security Policy, as articulated on Red Sox webpage: In a continuing effort to provide comprehensive and thorough security, fans are encouraged to arrive as early as possible. Fans may not bring backpacks, coolers, computers, briefcases, containers, or bags of any type into Fenway Park. Fans traveling directly from work are reminded to leave the items listed above at their place of business. Small purses and diaper bags are allowed but will be subject to inspection. V Notice that the Red Sox remind you to leave your bag at WORK. Now for the Yankees brilliant recommendation: No backpacks, briefcases, attaché cases, coolers, glass or plastic bottles, cans, large purses, bags or video cameras will be permitted into the ballpark. You must leave these items in your vehicle before entering the ballpark. No items will be claim checked. You will be asked to return them to your vehicle. Quick question: How many people come to Yankee Stadium in THEIR OWN VEHICLE??? I guess it’s possible that you could have left your bag on the train (your “vehicle”, technically) but who would have taken care of it while you were at the game? Also, there’s no mention in the YSSP of a “local bowling alley” at which you can stow your gear. Both stadia refer to this: Diaper bags, small children’s backpacks, small women’s purses & backpack purses will be permitted into the ballpark, but will be inspected at the entrance gates. They fail to clarify that “small women’s purses” should really mean “any bag on earth, if carried by a woman”.

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