Afternoon Delight: Small Wins Again; Mo Chases Cy

Behind another solid inning from Aaron Small and some clutch hitting from Cano and Sheff, the Yanks won the day 6-3 and took a series win against a Wild Card rival. Kudos. But special props to Mariano Rivera for another 3-up, 3-down save, his 26th. With due respect to Roy Halladay, we have to believe he’s the frontrunner for the Cy. His ERA is now .83. Opponents OPS: .398. K/9: 10.21. And it was only a few months ago that SF was preparing his epitaph. Fuhgetaboutit.

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  • I think the secret to Mo’s success is rest. He’s on course to pitch his fewest number of regular season innings, and throw the fewest pitches, since the 1998 season (not counting 2002). I really think that his problem heading into the ALCS last year was being overworked – he threw the highest number of reg season innings, and the second highest number of pitches (only 12 behind his highest, and that was 2001…).
    Hopefully the rest should keep him in good shape down the stretch this year, and also add months/years to his career in the future.
    As for the Cy Young – surely Garland has a pretty good case? The guy could well end up winning 22 games this year.

    Sam July 28, 2005, 4:14 pm
  • GArland isn’teven the bews pitcher ont he team I say Buehrle should win the CY Young and aside from atechnicality Chris Shelton should win ROY

    Mike July 28, 2005, 4:22 pm
  • Rivera is an amazing pitcher, and vital to NY’s success, but to say a guy who is on pace to throw under 60 innings this season should win the Cy Young is totally ridiculous. I don’t care if he’s got a sub-1.00 ERA or not.

    mattymatty July 28, 2005, 4:31 pm
  • Agreed, mattymatty. That’s got to be the most cockamamie thing I’ve heard a Yankees fan say yet this season. Mo is a great pitcher, the gold standard for closers. But to say he deserves a Cy over someone like Buerhle or Halladay (if he wasn’t hurt) is just ridiculous.
    Here’s an idea–why don’t you nominate Kevin Brown for MVP while you’re at it?

    Sox Fan in VT July 28, 2005, 4:49 pm
  • Hmmm, Sox fans don’t think Rivera should win the Cy, color me shocked.

    Battingly July 28, 2005, 5:48 pm
  • Fine. Do you think Rivera should win, Battingly? Go ahead and make an argument for Rivera being the best pitcher in the American League.

    mattymatty July 28, 2005, 5:51 pm
  • Sox fans seem a little snippy today, whatsa matter, is Manny Being Manny starting to get on ya nerves?

    Pags July 28, 2005, 6:37 pm
  • I’m a Yankees fan but Mo is not the best AL pitcher

    mike July 28, 2005, 7:10 pm
  • Thank you! Mo is great, probably a Hall of Famer, but to say any pitcher that throws less than 60 innings in a season (which is what Rivera is on pace to throw) is the most valuable/best pitcher in his league is just ridiculous, regardless of how low his ERA is. Personally I hate the idea of giving the Cy Young to any reliever ever. Halladay has thrown 141 innings of 2.41 ERA ball. Garland is 15-4 with an ERA of 3.04. Buehrle has an ERA of 2.96 in 155 innings. Those guys are Cy worthy.
    As I said above, nothing against Mo, he’s an incredible pitcher, but to me you’ve got to contribute more than Torre lets him to be mentioned in the Cy Young discussion.

    mattymatty July 28, 2005, 8:21 pm
  • Well, a closer got the Cy Young not too long ago — Gagne in 2003. He appeared in 77 games, pitched 82.1 innings, had an ERA of 1.20, with 137 strikeouts to 20 walks. All very impressive, but what got him the Cy was The Streak: 55 saves in 55 chances. If that’s the standard for a closer getting a CY, it’s not going to happen very often. (Plus it was a relatively weak year in terms of NL starters — only Schmidt and Prior had a chance.)

    Earl July 28, 2005, 9:26 pm
  • YANKS GET CHACON for 2 AA pitchers.
    4.09 pitching at Coors, but 1 and 7.
    I know nothing about this guy.

    john July 28, 2005, 10:32 pm
  • vs Left 1 7 2.52
    vs Right 1 7 5.59
    Home 1 2 4.97
    Away 0 5 3.12
    Mar and Apr 1 0 3.18
    May 0 4 3.34
    June 0 0 9.00
    July 0 3 4.71
    Before All-Star 1 5 4.30
    After All-Star 0 2 3.21

    john July 28, 2005, 10:44 pm
  • Gagne’s selection was a travesty I believe that should have been Prior or Schmidt

    mike July 28, 2005, 11:27 pm
  • Why is the choice of Mariano so ridiculous? He’s having arguably the best year in the best career a reliever has ever had. There have been no flat-out dominant pitchers in the AL this year (Halladay was until he broke a bone in his leg), and the award would be a way of honoring a tremendous pitcher for his body of work.

    Nick July 29, 2005, 11:49 am
  • YF misrepresents, yet again. I wasn’t writing his epitaph, but questioning whether the Yankees should begin thinking about Mariano’s successor. I am not moving away from this stance, either, even considering Rivera’s season. The reason I wrote that was due to Rivera’s heavy usage, his weak start, and his lack of exercise over the winter. I don’t think I EVER intimated that he was cooked (if I remember correctly, I may even have said the exact opposite, that Rivera would probably end up just as good as ever). I wish YF would be more honest. I also wish that Karl Rove was in jail, that we never invaded Iraq, and that Pudge Fisk had never moved on to the White Sox. Some things just don’t happen.
    As for the Cy, Mo is a pretty good candidate, but there’s a long way to go. For the record, I am not one who thinks relief pitchers should be disqualified. This isn’t an award for the most valuable pitcher, just the best. And Rivera is clearly one of them.

    SF July 30, 2005, 3:01 pm

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