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ALCS Gamer I: Halos-Yanks

Here’s hoping weather is a minimal factor in tonight’s contest. Comment away.

LA Angels
C. Figgins 3b .000
B. Abreu rf .000
T. Hunter cf .000
V. Guerrero dh .000
J. Rivera lf .000
K. Morales 1b .000
H. Kendrick 2b .000
J. Mathis c .000
E. Aybar ss .000
J. Lackey NA
NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .000
J. Damon lf .000
M. Teixeira 1b .000
A. Rodriguez 3b .000
H. Matsui dh .000
J. Posada c .000
R. Cano 2b .000
N. Swisher rf .000
M. Cabrera cf .000
C. Sabathia NA

208 replies on “ALCS Gamer I: Halos-Yanks”

going to the thousand islands in an hour and will miss the first two games. Oh well. Go Yankees!
The earth be shakin’ a lot here.

Um…I don’t have a great feeling about this. *gulp*
I feel more nervous than excited? Maybe it’s just the shitty weather up there?

Solid 1st by CC…I can exhale, for now.
Let’s go offense. Jump on his ass early. It’s cold. Destroy his will to live. Do it now.

AROD WITH THE SAC FLY!!! 1-0!!! Keep it going ARod!!!!
Johnny at 2nd still, he wants to come home…send him home Godzilla. Send him home.

Well, boys, there’s no way in hell I want the Yanks to win, so I can’t say good luck.
But do have fun.
Oh, and I promise not to be an ass during the rest of the postseason.
But AFTER the postseason …

I cannot believe that just happened.
Infield pop fly by Godzilla drops between Figgins and Aybar?

Those numbers above in the gamer don’t bode well for a hit-off!
Anyone notice thru the first two innings that CC squints like someone that really needs glasses does?

wow. will cano be holding up the chase around the corner from the stadium after the game?
but nice inning for cc. [note to swish: watch. the. ball. ]

walein: yeah. but he’s looking awfully old-school in a sloppy, ruthian way with his cap all askew tonite. enjoying that.
cano sends one for a ride but hunter tracks it down.

if you’re gonna leave hinske off the roster, why not start gardner?
melkman sends a third to mr. hunter. yanks go down 8.8.8.

Gardner will start against the righties.
Loving CC. Great guy, great look, great results. Love. Him.

I’m a huge CC fan YF. Picked him up and had him on my fantasy team for 4 years (up until this past year when he went for way too much in our auction draft).
With CC squinting and swisher not seeing and Aybar losing it, maybe there’s an embargo on MLB eye drops.

Wow. Love that he’s a true pitcher. 290lbs and he knows how to pitch and off of 96 mph.

It’s funny…I felt CC was getting pinched the first two innings (on the corners); but he’s nailing those same corners now and getting strikes called.
I’m all for it. The Yankees need to take advantage of Lackey being behind in counts because I don’t want to see Lackey “settle down.”

We need to knock Lackey out…ll cool j style. Now. I command you.
Thanks DC…i heart you too bro.

Tex crushes a single…right at Fat Bobby. If you guys just make him move, you’re good. He hates to move. That was right at him.

ARod with the CLUTCH AS HELL single…Johnny to 3rd, 2 outs. COME ON GODZILLA!!!! MUSHU THE BALL!!!!

with CC pitching like that you can hope he goes 7+, but offense needs to shake the cold off

Limited the damage. Alright, it’s cool. Regroup and get some more runs. Stop procrastinating.

2 out single for Swishalicious…made him throw some pitches too. Lackey is settling down, we cannot let that happen.

…and K’s on 3 nasty pitches. I really don’t like how this game is going right now. I feel sick.

ARod walks…1st and 2nd, 1 out. Godzilla-san saunters to the dish…ready to chop suey the ball.

Godzilla lines one into Left center…3-1, but ARod runs through a stop sign and blasts the catcher, 2 outs. F-ck.

Holy fuck, A-Rod delivered a running knee to Mathis’ face.
I’m not even mad he ran through the stop sign. That is bad ass.

Questionable play by ARod, but if he made it he would look like a genius. Still, instead of 2nd and 3rd, 1 out, it’s 2nd with two outs..

One of those plays where he looks good or bad – no in-between. Still, would have been 2nd and 3rd and one out.
Believe in the Big Man.

Hip Hip…3 outs. Well, we got a run, but I feel like I woke up next to an ugly girl with a hangover. Vomitus.

Wasn’t the best move by AROD…however, first pitch swinging by Posada was probably sillier. Let Lackey hit his pitch limit!
Let’s go CC!

Replay showed ARod was safe…almost impossible for the ump to see that angle though.
Christ, that sound really rational coming from me?

The Angels are freaking out but the replay CLEARLY shows his toe was on the bag…I f-cking hate McCarve-douche and Joe F-ck. Douche is talking like his foot WASN’T on the bag when it was. F-ck you Tim you crusty-balled douchebag.

McCarver is bumming! “The fact that he had to come back showed to me that he was off”
That Texeira is a consummate first baseman who is selling it either way…
Now McCarver is saying we should go by Tori Hunter’s opinion of whether or not he’s safe.
My…McCarver is bummed!

McCarver: “He was definitely off the bag because he had to come back after catching the ball.”
Because leaning forward while doing the splits is such a natural position.

Tim McCarver asserts he is off the bag even when he sees that he is on the bag.
So, let me get this straight: the catcher doesn’t tag ARod but the Angels should get the out. Teix makes the play but the Yankees shouldn’t get the out.
Got it.
Fuck you, Tim.

Ya, the toe and the heel are not the same! The heel coming off doesn’t mean the toe was off!
I think it was close, but definitely not “clear” as he claims..

On the ARod play, it was close and he held on to the ball, so I don’t fault him per se.. though of course, it’s easier to hold on to the ball when you don’t tag the guy!

Totally Krueg…it’s moments like these that I wish they would just let McCarver do the National league series and keep him out of the ALCS.
AND in the previous inning he took the whole “You’re always going to get that call” when AROD was clearly safe at the bag.

What mess with our luck here but how many times has McCarver said or told us CC’s weight…we get it he’s 290!
AG I feel like I’m your neighbor with all this rain BTW!

Cano gave that one a ride, but Abreu gets it for the out. If only Cano hits it like a line drive, then Abreu can be scared of the ball..

Lackey’s velo is not what it used to be but his location and CB are as good as ever. He just peppers spots it’s amazing.

Now McDouche is extolling the virtues of the Angels catcher that didn’t even tag ARod??? For real?

Hunter misplays the ball, Jeter to 2nd. McDouche begins to weep.

John, I’m not going to lie to you, I have had to smoke copious amounts of pot to keep myself from having a heart attack. My mellow is nearly harsh-proof at this point…

Do you pull the Big Man early to rest him better for Game 4 or do you ride him as long as possible?

Let’s hope we get through the bullpen a bit.. there’s a game tomorrow, and we wouldn’t want them to be too rested, do we? ;)

K that’s one way pal! Whatever you’re doing it’s working!
No, don’t pull him. Worry about today, today.

I honestly doubt they play tomorrow 80% chance or rain all day into Sunday. This could be final game until Monday.

Have you ever watched baseball? Have you ever watched baseball….on weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed?
Great movie.
It’s pretty great. I cannot lie. But we can’t really get into it on here more than we already have. The Morality Police will find and destroy us.

CC is f-cking ridiculously good. I mean, seriously? Are you really this incredible CC? Let me get that for you…yes, yes you are.

The fans made sure he didn’t catch that…solid. I’ve always wondered why fans let opposing players make catches in the stands? I would tear the dudes glove off…

Don’t really understand why Napoli came into the game defensively? I know why he hit but he’s awful defensively. Not the guy you want back there 7,8,9.

I said I understand him hitting. I get it that was Sciosia’s shot at putting up some numbers but why not either A, use another hitter then Simmons OR Napoli then replace him with Simmons. He may not even get up again so your keeping him in there now for poor defense.

I love CC to death, and I would ride him all I can, but up 4-1, couldn’t Joe at least have someone warm up? I know, I know, win today, worry about Game 4 later, but you know, just in case CC gets in trouble or something.. it’s already the 8th!

Would anyone be shocked if Figgins was playing 3B for the Sox in 2010? Just see him as a fit and everytime I see him I think SOX!

This was an epic start by CC, I mean talk about an Ace. We finally have one of our very own.
In the immortal words of Tony, Tone, Toni…It feels good, yeah.

8 IP, 4 hits, 1 run, 1 walk, 7 k’s, 11 groundball outs, 5 fly ball outs.
In other words, 18 of his 24 outs came on the K or on th ground.
Just wow.

I jsut found out I’m going to game 4 in ANA…I’ve never been to ANY professional sports post-season game…I’m super psyched!!!!

Cue Frankie…it’s over. 1-0 good guys.
Peace out boys. I feel great.

Nice job fellas! Great job Krueg! I’ll be at game tomorrow I’ll try and check in! Go Yanks!

Was sitting in first row of LF bleachers yelling all kinds of things at Angel relievers in the pen and Torii in CF. Pretty sure he heard me taunt for being unable to outrun a 300-lb man on his bunt attempt and also that “Torii” is a stripper’s name. Yes, I’m proud. CC chant was cool and weather not nearly as horrible, bitter as made out to be on tv and radio. It was a little cold but not even that bad and – after the first inning, completely dry. Pretty nice October ball weather if you ask me, especially when teams from southern California show that they can’t play defense when it’s below 65 degrees. Worried about getting tomorrow’s game in. If AJ can keep his head right through even 5 IP the Yankees could be in strong shape heading out to LA.
But more than anything: WHAT A DIFFERENCE AN ACE MAKES!

“…Was sitting in first row of LF bleachers yelling all kinds of things at Angel relievers in the pen and Torii in CF….”
was that you IH?… ;)
glad you had such a good time, and the weather cooperated…always a little more fun when we win…you guys that mentioned you still have a game to go to, enjoy…i’m jealous…my son and his buddies went to yanks/twins I, and they had a blast…

Everyone remember when the yanks signed CC this offseason and certain people (not all) around here were saying it wasnt a great singing since CC wasnt any good in october? I think we can put that one to bed now.

“remember” ?
heck sam, that shi* was still going on just 2 weeks ago…arod too…but beware the seduction of such small sample sizes, this could still derail before it’s all over…for now though, i’m basking in it…

totally dc, CC could throw a clunker his next time out easily. Arod could easily go 0fer the rest of the series. the point is that the statement that CC sucks in the post-season is pretty much out the window after his last two starts. He is a great pitcher capable of doing his thing at any time.

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